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Jerry Jones is a long-time LGBTQ journalist, with more than 20 years of experience. He is passionate about telling the stories of the LGBTQ community in Puerto Vallarta, and connecting the community to its people. Jerry is the founder of Out & About Nashville (now OutVoicesNashville), which he sold in 2020. He has more than 20+ years of experience in journalism, public relations, marketing, and digital media management. Jerry is also an advanced emergency medical technician and has spent much of his career helping those in need.

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Passenger Shares Photos and Experience on PV Delice Party Boat Sinking

On December 31, 2020 around 5 p.m. the party boat, PV Delice, sank to the bottom of the ocean while crew frantically called for help to rescue passengers. 

Hotel Mercurio Closed, Assets Seized

Hotel Mercurio Was Closed Friday Night, May 17, 2024 and all of the assets inside were seized. All of the guests were left on the street.

Louis Whitaker Arrested, Indicted by U.S. Federal Grand Jury on Child Pornography

Whitaker was Alias in Puerto Vallarta, Wyatt Maxwell is...

Couple Urges Caution After Puerto Vallarta Grindr Incident

The gay married couple from Anaheim, California were visiting Puerto Vallarta in mid-October when they became victims of a drugging and robbery from a Grindr hookup. While they are both embarrassed by the incident, they are using the horrific experience to warn other to be cautious. Both are praising the response of the local police and hotel officials

Spartacus Sauna Damaged by Fire

Spartacus Sauna in Puerto Vallarta was heavily damaged by a fire on Saturday morning, November 20, around 10:30 a.m.

Hamburger Mary’s to Open in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta will be home to the first-ever Mexico location of the popular U.S. franchise, Hamburger Mary’s.

Puerto Vallarta wins best place for ‘Fun in the Sun’ according to

If you’re looking for fun in the sun, the best place to head is either Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico or Provincetown, Mass, at least...

Men and Women Painting Men exhibition opens at Art VallARTa

Art VallARTa has announced a new art exhibition, Men and Women Painting Men, that will run from Dec. 15 to Jan 2, 2019. ART VallARTa,...

Puerto Vallarta Police Address LGBT Harassment Concerns

Puerto Vallarta Police and business officials recently held a town park meeting to assure residents of the LGBT community that it was the police...

‘Naked Boys Singing’ Sizzles!, Lady Zen is on Fire!

Naked Boys Singing! is a smash! Fun, Sassy, Clever, Witty! Six talented young Latino actors sing and dance their way into your heart completely...

Red Ribbon Gala set for Dec. 5 at Mantamar Beach Club

Tickets are now on sale for the second annual Red Ribbon Gala benefiting SETAC, Puerto Vallarta's LGBT Wellness Center and HIV/AIDs Community Center. The...

Anónimo Bar Tour – check out the new 2nd floor patio!

We take you on a tour of the newly expanded Anónimo Bar with Duviel, one of the bartenders.

SETAC Celebrates Nine Years – Interview with Paco Arjona

We interview Paco Arjona, executive director of SETAC, about their services and nine years of service to the community.

Naked Boys Singing at Incanto – Cast Interview

  O&APV talks with Naked Boys Singing cast member Mitchell Guzman and the rest of the cast. The show is currently playing on select nights...

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board Makes Chicago ‘Foodies’ Stop

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board took its message to Chicago tonight with its “Puerto Vallarta is for Foodies” USA media tour. A group of...

April 2018 Print Issue

Welcome to the first issue of Out & About PV Magazine (O&APV).

Gay Hispanic Web Series Seeks KickStarter Funding

Con Lugar Ready for Season 2 with shooting in Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta With more than three million views, the popular YouTube series, Con...

Pesos, Dollars and More

Our money tips when you visit Puerto Vallarta You got to have money in some form – Pesos or credit cards will work best.  U.S....

Traveling While in Puerto Vallarta

Getting around in Puerto Vallarta is easy – but here are some tips that might help you navigate your way just a little better.

Puerto Vallarta: The Ultimate Gay+ Haven in Mexico

Boasting more than 500,000 LGBT tourists a year, Puerto Vallarta has been called the “San Francisco” of Mexico and has been named as one of the world’s top 10 LGBT destinations.

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