Hotel Mercurio Closed, Assets Seized

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READ this letter to the community from Hotel Mercurio Owner Paul Crist in this Out and About Puerto Vallarta exclusive post. Click here to read. Please note this was sent to us by Paul AFTER the closing of the hotel.

Update : Sunday, May 19, 2024: If you have been displaced by the sudden closing of Hotel Mercurio and need a place to stay, Hotel Cuale on Aquiles Serdán has three units that the owner is willing to offer for free until Wednesday. Please follow up direct with Jacob via telephone at 322-274-0466 or 415-939-9037. Please be ready to provide proof of Hotel Mercurio reservations.

UPDATE – SATURDAY MAY 18, 2024: Local Journalist Paco Ojeda reported, in his show “Puerto Vallarta Coffee & Headlines • May 18, 2024“, around the 19:30 mark, that he spoke to Hotel Mercurio Owner Paul Crist’s Husband Luis, who told him that their had been a long-standing legal suit against the hotel and a judgement had been made in the suit and that the hotel had lost. Authorities seized the property and all the contents of the building are in a warehouse in Ixtapa.

UPDATE: (SATURDAY, MAY 18, 2024): Joint Hotel, is offering anyone that has been displaced from the closing and had a reservation with Hotel Mercurio a 25% discount if they book online (using the discount code MERCURIO) at jointpv.com. The discount is good through June, 2024. You will be asked to show your Hotel Mercurio reservation when you check in to receive the discount.

Hotel Mercurio, a popular Gay Hotel in Zonal Romantica in Puerto Vallarta, has been closed. Guests were left stranded on the street (but hotel staff, despite the distress they themselves were experiencing, stayed with guests and did their best to help them find new lodging and comfort them).

It all happened on Friday, May 17, 2024, around 9:30 p.m. just before one of the busiest weeks in Puerto Vallarta as gay pride begins.

Mercurio Property Seized

Multiple trucks outside the hotel were loading all of the furniture, equipment and everything from the hotel. The items were moved to a storage facility in Ixtapa and are still owned by the hotel. They will be sold.

The hotel was closed as the result of a decision on a law suit that dated back to 2005 (read more here.)

We’ve reached out to Hotel Mercurio Owner Paul Crist and will update this story when we can confirm the facts.

Guests at the hotel were not even allowed to pack their own bags. Authorities packed everyones bags – which left many guests shaken at the traumatic experience. Some are trying to location medications and phone chargers and still do not know where they will be spending the night. A few guests we talked to were already planning on trying to get flights out as soon as Saturday.

Photos from Saturday, May 18, 2024: The front doors are locked, the kitchen and offices can be seen emptied from equipment and supplies.

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