Day of the Dead Celebrations Planned from Oct. 27 to Nov. 2

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The most iconic season in Mexico is upon us, Day of the Dead (Dia de Muertos). The Day of the Dead is one of the most representative traditions of the Mexican culture. Its origins come from the pre-Hispanic times in which the natives gave the death a regeneration meaning and a new travel for the deceased. This is how the tradition of placing altars and offerings to honor the ones who left was born.

Not to be confused with the USA celebration of Halloween, the Day of the Dead is time for Mexican families to remember loved ones that have passed. Alters will be set up in homes, businesses and public spaces to honor family and community members who have died. 

It’s also an economic boon to Mexico. The Mexican Tourism Minister Miguel Torruco recently told the media that just over 2 million people would stay at hotels across the country from Friday, Oct. 28 to Wednesday, Nov. 2 (the actual holiday is typically observed Nov. 1 and 2).

In Puerto Vallarta the celebrations will run from Oct. 27 to Nov. 5, and  you can expect to see the worlds largest Catrina (on the Malecon near the Lighthouse and across from McDonalds), a charro parade and a pyromusical show. 

Puerto Vallarta will officially start their celebrations on Thursday, October 27 in the area of ​​the

Malecón Lighthouse, where a pavilion has been set up and various activities will be held. On that opening day, the lighting of the large Catrina will be held (setting a Guinness world record), and music will be provided by various artists. 

The current record for the largest catrina in the world is in Zapotlanejo, Jalisco, with a height of 15-meters and Puerto Vallarta hopes to beat that this year by ten meters having a 25-meter Catrina. 

day of the dead 2022 schedule

On Saturday the 29th, the exhibition ‘Death before your eyes in Puerto Vallarta’ will be inaugurated at the Itinerant Mummies Museum of the Encarnación de Díaz municipality, at the La Lija Cultural Center. The exhibition will run October 29 to November 7, from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

On Monday the 31st, at the open-air theater of Los Arcos del Malecón, the Cuauhtémoc Folkloric Ballet and ‘Aladín and the marvelous lamp’ from the Adopt a Dancer Social Project will be presented. In addition, the Ixtapa Delegation will hold its live altars and catrinas contest. 

On Tuesday, November 1, at the Arcos del Malecón there will be more cultural activity with a group of singing students and Latin instrument musicians, while in the Las Palmas Delegation there will be their contest of altars and living catrinas. 

On Wednesday, November 2, there will be a parade of personified charros on their horses for the celebration. At the Malecón Lighthouse there will be a show about the Historical Evolution of the Day of the Dead and a musical by La Llorona with tenors from Guadalajara. In addition, the measurement of the great catrina and the delivery of the Guinness Record will be made, and to close the day the projection of a video mapping and a spectacular pyromusical show.

On Thursday, November 3, at Los Arcos del Malecón, the Xiutla Folkloric Ballet, the Mía Dance Studio show and there will be a living catrina contest will be presented. 

On Friday, November 4, on the same stage, a rhythmic gymnastics exhibition and the presentation of Show Coco, from the Adopt a Dancer Social Project . 

The festival will close on Saturday November 5 at the Malecón Lighthouse, where a musical show will be presented. From the first day of activities there will be altars in the external corridors of the Municipal Palace, catrinas in palm trees and large skulls and decorations along the Malecón. Likewise, the great catrina installed last year, this time will be placed in the main square of El Pitillal and there will be another catrina of considerable dimensions in Marina Vallarta.

Outside of official city celebrations, you’’ll also find many other community events and business events being held. 

On Wednesday, November 2, Isla Cuale will be turned into an island of mystery and exciting experiences. There will be face painting, ofrendas, katrinas, loteria games,  arts, special shows from the students of Universidad Arkos , music, food/drinks and “Tours de Muertos” in the Island. Admission is free. 

isla cuale day of the dead calendar

Amigos de Isla Cuale (AIC)‘s mission is to restore and sustain what we call the “Green Heart of Vallarta”, La Isla Cuale. The group envisions a safe haven where  locals, expats and tourists come together as a community to enjoy the arts, culture, nature, and  history of the last remaining green space in PV.

For more information about Amigos de la Isla Cuale, visit

Schedule of Events:

4 p.m.- up to 7pm : Face painting 

5-10 pm : Food & Drinks  ( atoles , tamales, tacos, ceviches, y más)

(Agua frescas y Cervezas, Mezcales y Sangrías)

6 pm: Lotería games with prizes 

4-6 pm: Special show from the students of  the Universidad Arkos. 

6:30-7 pm:  Music  entertainment from Diego Guerrero

7-7:30: Music entertainment by violinist Hector

7:30-8:30 pm: “Tour de Muertos” , English version. (5 actors , 5 telling stories of legends/myths, as you are accompanied by a guia in the Isla. 

8:30-9 pm : Music entertainment by singer Enoch and guitarist Danesh 

9-10 pm: “Tour de Muertos, versión en español

Special Photo Session
On Monday, Oct. 31, Nomad Family Photo Group will host a special Dia De Los Muertos Catrina Portrait Workshop. With multiple models in full Catrina make up and costume, participants  will learn natural light and fill flash portraiture for some incredible images with a backdrop of the Cemetery in Cinco De Diciembre. (The group will remain towards the edges of the cemetery and take care to be respectful, not disturbing any ofrendas or sitting or standing on headstones).  The session will be lead by Ashley Werter, a professional photographer and a local in Vallarta, she offers multiple photography workshops, walks and club meetings around town. More info here:

nomad family photo group catrina workshop

Face Painting

Juicy Drags will have a special event on Saturday 29 and Monday 31, fom 5-10 pm . Located on Lázaro Cárdenas 236B, you can pay $30 USD and have Marion Castañeda and Débora Chácales, doing the makeup. Appointments are required via WhatsApp at +5633660202

juicy drags face painting

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