Infinity Gabo Brings Passion and Energy to Sensual Massages

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If you have ever visited Puerto Vallarta, then you’ll know that having a massage is almost like a rite of passage. Massage places are everywhere. Some are trained therapists, but many are not. 

None can offer you the exclusive spiritual and sensual treatment you’ll receive at Infinity Gabo massage. Connecting physical energy to the aura, mind and spirit of the client is the main goal of the therapists at Infinity Gabo. 

Marco Hernadez is beautiful – inside and out – he is a free spirit – and he is Infinity Gabo. He’s quick to tell you that the name of his business has a very special meaning and origin. The actual name, he says, is Gabriel Infinity. The name was given to him by angels, who he speaks with regularly and who help guide him on his spiritual pathway. Social media and word of mouth are where most of his clients are referred from, and the name evolved to Infinity Gabo to stand out on social media.

Marco is 29, single, and a bisexual. He considers himself to be a very sensual and sexual person, but points out that his massages are not sexual. They are focused on releasing the spiritual and sensual energy in ones body, 

Much like his life, he puts his heart and soul into each and every massage he gives. It’s part of what has made him so popular. 

Infinity Gabo massage

“I connect with people and people connect with me,” he explained. “I have the gift and the magic to bring the universe together with each massage.”

Puerto Vallarta Entertainer Louis Whitaker said a massage at Infinity Gabo is like ‘heaven.”

“I was in pure heaven during my recent massage by Infinity Gabo,” he said. “Every time I go I feel like I’m attending a much-needed therapy. From my first massage with him a year ago to today we have grown together as professionals but also as friends. Next time you’re in Puerto Vallarta and looking for a spiritual and powerful massage go to infinity.”

Services offered are varied – and include RT massage, and an Infinity massage. Prices are $1,200 pesos for the RT one hour therapeutic massage, and $1,500 pesos for a one hour Infinity (sensual) massage. Tantric massages are also available. While a sensual massage focuses on the physical aspect of release, tantra is concerned with the psychological impact of touch.  Tantric massage utilizes energy healing and is a more spiritual practice. It gets down into the deeper emotional and spiritual layers of the body.

“The cost is higher than others,” Hernadez explained. “But at Infinity Gabo, the price is based on what you get with me and my team in each session.”

Originally from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Hernadez landed in Puerto Vallarta on October 29, 2019. Like many who move here, he feels that it is a magical place with lots of spiritual energy. He had worked a variety of sales and office jobs before he felt the call to enter the massage field. He was actually inspired by the number of people on Grindr offering massages, and thought to himself, “I can do that.” 

Initially he didn’t have any training, but after an encounter with a client who was brutally honest about the service, he went to school in Monterrey and received his training from Universidad Kirei.

Fast forward to today. Infinity Gabo massage is lead by Marco, and he has recently added a female therapist to focus on the needs of their lesbian clients; and another male therapist so they can offer couples therapy and more. Infinity Gabo has clients from all over the word, and Marco travels throughout Mexico to provide services to some of his exclusive clients.  

Infinity Gabo Massage
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He is as comfortable naked with his body as anyone, and loves the connection felt when two bodies touch. He went on to explain that he loves his work, and he loves when he feels the connection with someone’s energy.

“During my massage I love to connect this beautiful sensual energy inside us,” he said. My massage it’s very very special. I give love and passion in all my sessions.” 

He’s got big plans for the future, not only for the massage business but also for himself. He is an actor and a singer, and is looking forward to having his own musical show – that will probably feature Latin love ballads. As far as Infinity Gabo, he sees the brand expanding “across the globe” since he has clients all over the world. Clients that continue to feel a connection with their energy. 

“There are infinite possibilities for the future,” he said. 

His massage studio – his safe space, temple – is located an easy walking distance from anywhere in Zona Romantica. Walk-ins are not accepted and each massage must be scheduled. 

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