Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Alejandro Chavez

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Destination Puerto Vallarta – Hiking the Beaches of Paradise Beaches

Hanging out at Los Muertos Beach is great and all, but if you’re in Puerto Vallarta for a few days and wish to explore beyond the gay beach for smaller, more secluded, beautiful beaches nearby, we bring you a great day excursion suggestion that includes a great but challenging hike and some beautiful beaches! So get your sunscreen ready and let’s have a fun-filled day!

Destination Puerto Vallarta Beaches Welcome All With Sun and Fun

A favorite activity for many visiting Puerto Vallarta is spending the day relaxed on the beach. Depending on what you’re into, Puerto Vallarta has some options for you. So look no further and let us give you the rundown so you come prepared.

Sex & Safety: Your guide to having safe fun while in PV

Puerto Vallarta has become a top LGBT travel destination and with the flock of gay tourists and locals alike, the hookup scene is savage, and as with any other place in the world

Mama Tits: Living in Puerto Vallarta DOCUMENTARY

Out & About and Puerto Vallarta household name Mama Tits team up to create a short documentary about her life in this small beach town. We follow Brian...

Meet your server: Rosalinda Diaz Padilla

Where are you from? Michoacán How long have you been in Vallarta? I've been here 16 years What brought you to Vallarta?  My sister lived here so I decided...

Mama Tits and Out & About team up for short documentary

Out & About and Puerto Vallarta household name Mama Tits team up to create a short documentary about her life in this small beach...

A tasteful and appetizing Sunday brunch at Casa Cupula

Casa Cupula offers an unique brunch experience in Puerto Vallarta. They have it all: Unlimited mimosas, sushi, waffles, chilaquiles, omelettes, quesadillas, sea food, fruit,...

They call me the Drag Queen Whisperer

I was recently dubbed the 'Drag Queen Whisperer' by someone here in Puerto Vallarta. This nickname came about from my many interviews and interactions...

My experience getting tested at newly opened SETAC

The newest SETAC connection office located in Zona Romantica opened its doors on Tuesday, March 19th. We went to give them the welcome to...

The Kinsey Sicks: Naked Drag Queens Singing! INTERVIEW

The Kinsey Sicks are back in Puerto Vallarta for another season! This time with their 'Naked Drag Queens Singing' show at ACT II Entertainment...