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Out & About PV got an exclusive interview with former Rupaul’s Drag Race contestant Tammie Brown! She discusses her upcoming Puerto Vallarta residency, her recent EP ‘A Little Bit of Tammie’, and even dishes on Drag Race. She also tells us where her epic “I don’t see you walking children in nature” comes from.

Tammie Brown, the singer, songwriter, drag performer, activist, legend! will be back to Puerto Vallarta starting February 1st and will have a one month residency at the Blue Chairs Resort for her cabaret show.

A Little Bit of Tammie

Her recent EP, called A Little Bit of Tammie, features four songs and each have a meaning behind them. One of the songs, Lip-Sync Suicide, refers to her stint in the first season of the award-winning show RuPaul’s Drag Race, where Tammie failed to lip sync for her life. She tells O&APV that she failed to do so because “in the show I was under a lot of pressure” and she goes on to say that they gave the song last minute so there wasn’t enough time to learn it and to perform the song properly.

The Whale Song, another in Tammie’s EP, is an environmental song. It’s to spread awareness and help out with the whales, the ocean, and what’s going on with the whales regarding the slaughter, all the oil spills, the captivity, etc. There will also be a Tammie Brown gala on October 19th in Long Beach California and she will donate some of the proceeds to an organization with the ocean.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Remember the epic rant between Rupaul and Tammie Brown in the reunion of season 1? This is where she called out RuPaul for not walking children in nature. What did she mean exactly? Well, years ago, Tammie used to volunteer in Los Angeles taking inner city kids on nature walks. So what does Rupaul have to do with this you ask? Well, Tammie explains “On the Rupaul show, they were being so ugly to me, I told them, well I don’t see you walking children in nature and taking care of old ladies”, and then adds that they were being superficial and ‘cutting them down’.

When asked if she still watches RuPual’s Drag Race, she says she watches “sometimes, not as much”, “I’m more into the 90’s queens, like Jackie Beat, Lady Bunny, Coco Peru, Hedda Lettuce which is now in Puerto Vallarta” she adds. “But I’m friends with Ongina, Kelly Mantle and I are really close friends” She continues.

“I think Ongina should be on All Stars, and I think I should be back on All Stars right now” Tammie says when asked about current All Stars season. “I’m campaigning to be back on All Stars 5, I’ve talked to Trixie and Alaska on the phone..” She adds.

Mexico & Puerto Vallarta

Tammie is no stranger to Mexico. She’s lived in Nayarit and Guadalajara, and also has been visiting Puerto Vallarta for a while now, but this will be her first time performing here.

“I love Mexico”, “I learned to perform in Mexico.. So much was an influence in Mexico, culture and everything to my art, to Tammie Brown”

“What I love about Puerto Vallarta is that the Old Town, or Romantic district is very authentic and Mexican”.

During her time in Puerto Vallarta, Tammie will also be filming her Instagram series “The Browns”. Check it out on her instagram here.

Don’t miss Tammie Brown perform Wednesday and Friday nights during the month of February at the Blue Chairs Resort.

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