Sex & Safety: Your guide to having safe fun while in PV

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Puerto Vallarta has become a top LGBT travel destination and with the flock of gay tourists and locals alike, the hookup scene is savage, and as with any other place in the world, hooking up must always be done with a sense of caution, especially if you are visiting and not very familiar with the town.

If you are looking to have sex while in Puerto Vallarta, we’ve got some common sense tips for you to follow. You may also want to check out our story on cruising options in Puerto Vallarta. 

Many things can go wrong while on a hookup or in the attempt of hooking up and make your stay go from a dream to a nightmare. Do not worry, if you do decide to hookup while in PV, we at Out & About Puerto Vallarta want you to have a fun and safe experience, that is why we gathered some tips to get you on your way to having a hot and steamy -yet safe- close encounters.


Use common sense

If the vibe is not right or if something seems off, ditch the situation. Trust your gut. You don’t want to push yourself into a potentially unsafe situation just to please the other person.

Cruise in ‘safe’ places

Rather than going down a dark sketchy spot under a bridge at night to find some fun, cruise in safe places like the beach or the bars. This will allow you to watch the crowd and find a potential hookup and perhaps get to know them –or at least just get their name- before going back to the hotel. We all know that you could find bad people everywhere; however, avoiding remote places might reduce your chance of running into bad hombres.

Leave your valuables behind

You can never be too careful. Avoid a headache and leave your valuables back in your room (in a safe preferably), such as jewelry, large amounts of money, credit cards, etc. They may not necessarily slip a pill in your drink to make you go to sleep in order to rob you; they could just slip their hand very cleverly into your pocket while you’re going down on them and take your wallet without you ever knowing.

Use protection

We cannot go without saying this, but use a condom. PV is a very naughty town, and you don’t want to catch anything other than your flight back home. If you are out of condoms, you could easily find some at the Oxxo, the convenience store chain spread throughout Puerto Vallarta.


Drink from your hookup’s bottle

There have been cases reported in Puerto Vallarta where a hookup arrives with their own bottle of wine. You would think this gesture is very thoughtful, right? Not really. In those reported cases, the wine turned out to contain some type of tranquilizer drug such as Xanax or Valium. After their victim passes out, they go ahead and ransack their belongings and take what they can. Moral of the story: what it might seem like a nice gesture, it could be their way to steal from you.

Cruise in public bathrooms

urinalYou might not see it as a big deal doing it back home, but to be on the cautious side in a place you are visiting, do not go on cruising in public bathrooms. Avoid an embarrassing situation by being entrapped by local authorities. There are places you can go and safely cruise, like Spartacus Sauna, three floors of fun-filled cruising!

Travel beyond your familiar area

If your hot date asks you to travel to their place and it is located beyond the area you are familiar with, we recommend restraining to do so. Although there are really no cases reported of tourists being kidnapped, you don’t want to be the first case.

Get too wasted

If something goes awry, you would want to have your five senses as sharp as possible in case you have to hit the road in a moment’s notice. Being fully awake also could prevent from being stolen from.

Grindr & hookers

grindr Being in a very popular worldwide LGBT destination, you will find without a doubt guys from all over the world and of all colors, shapes and sizes – and most of them are using Grindr. Expect to find the unexpected in this app. Sweet Dream’s “Everybody’s looking for something” line sure is fitting in this case. You will find anything from your average guy just looking for casual sex, to the horny couple looking for a third, calls for orgies, and guys looking to be “sugar daddy” – your normal Grindr day-to-day business, basically.

Something else that is commonly found in the app are escorts. They might not all be so obvious in stating so, but they will leave hints in their profile. The clearest hint would have to be a money sign smiley of course. Others might also just write “Available”, or “Disponible” which is the Spanish equivalent. Many guys who offer massages in the app also are likely to offer ‘special services.

If you happen to be looking for a hooker, follow the below tips, they are a standard globally and will help in making the experience more enjoyable:

Be clear about what you want to do – Figure out exactly what you want and communicate that to the escort. Define details such as times and rate. Make sure both of you understand what is going to happen during. This is all to avoid any misunderstanding and conflict. You never know if a small detail that perhaps was left out could trigger them and turn the situation violent.

Let someone know your whereabouts – This also applies with a regular hookup, but for higher sense of security, let a friend know the location of your rendezvous. If you rather not let anyone know, you could also leave information behind with as much information as possible, like escort and location details.

Be respectful – Your escort will appreciate it and its just common decency.

If you don’t like something, speak up – Remember that you are paying for a service and you are the client. It is not about his pleasure. A good escort is willing to adapt and even asks what you enjoy.

Don’t freak out if he asks for the money upfront – This is a norm, so don’t be wary. Also, make sure he counts the money so there are no baseless complaints later.

Google him – Get your escort’s name and look him up to see if you can find anything on them to be on the safe side. You could also ask your neighborhood’s friendly bar man to see if they know them. It’s always best to find out the reputation.

In conclusion, if you are going to do the naughty while in PV, practice caution as you would in any other town, if not even more so if you are visiting and not very familiar with the town. Follow these simple guidelines already mentioned and enjoy Puerto Vallarta!

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