‘Zona Romántica’ to change name?

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NYE 2018 Puerto VallartaIs Puerto Vallarta about to change the name of Zona Romántica to something else because of the strong gay influence?

Puerto Vallarta is THE gay tourist destination in Mexico and the only one to have a designated neighborhood to cater to the LGBT community. There are countless of gay-friendly businesses and it has become a very popular destination for this segment. It’s become so popular that it was visited by more members of this community than the Caribbean, Germany, Spain or Miami, according to a study done by Community Marketing in 2015.

According to El Heraldo de Mexico on their opinion piece Gayborhood o Zona Romántica en Puerto Vallarta, there have been accounts from heterosexual tourists that have mentioned that they have felt “uncomfortable” when vacationing in ‘Zona Romántica‘. They claim to have felt this way because they didn’t feel welcomed and noticed that most people were from the LGBT community.

The opinion piece from El Heraldo de Mexico also suggests that there seems to be more stories like these so now Puerto Vallarta tourism authorities are looking at a possible name change for ‘Zona Romántica‘. But, it is not easy. Does the gay community really want a label? Haven’t we fought against labels all of this time? Would they welcome a new name for just vanity’s sake? Also, authorities would want to make everyone feel welcomed, no matter sexual orientation.

We will see where this goes. One thing is clear though, Puerto Vallarta is a recognized and loved LGBT destination for many around the globe, and no name or label can change that.

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