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A new cultural and entertainment space will open its doors in July, offering more than 27 3D illusions, all created by California artist Tracy Lee Stum.
The Starving Artist Studio Gallery was born from the heart and head of the artist Rodolfo Blanco and displays great local artists.
During Pride week in Puerto Vallarta, the Nuestro Orgullo Festival launched a call for an LGBTQ+ themed photography contest.
La Tienda Grande invites you to celebrate World Malbec Day, along with a special tasting dinner, paired Malbecs from Casa Madero.
Casa Museo would be Puerto Vallarta's first history museum where artistic, historical and cultural testimonies are housed.
Puerto Vallarta is a melting pot of cultures, styles, moods and grooves and it’s thanks to the eclectic variety of people that flock here. Alison Lo was drawn to PV due to its magnetism and her curiosity and is now a headlining artist in town.
Elliot Page’s  Times cover will set a precedent in the fight for trans equality.  Cultural change is a hard thing to measure accurately but important moments of visibility, such as this cover, can help raise awareness and start a conversation.  
Without a thought, Puerto Vallarta is a lively town with much to see and do and most visitors might feel like they didn’t have enough time to take it all in.  Local attractions, water activities, beautiful beaches and a huge offer of restaurants and bars to choose from make it seem almost impossible to find yourself with nothing to do and although this is true, we’ve got an exciting option for you to keep on your agenda. Every Wednesday afternoon the Historic Center Art Walk  takes place with participating galleries offering welcome cocktails to guests and sometimes even having artists present to greet and meet visitors.
Yesterday evening the lower chamber of Mexico’s Congress passed a group of laws which legalize the recreational use of marijuana.  With 316 votes in favor and 129 against these laws now permit users to possess up to 28 grams for personal use and in home cultivation of 6 to 8 plants depending on the number of consumers in the household. These laws of course only apply to those over the age of 18 and have certain nuances. 
The state of Yucatán announced this afternoon that two of its municipalities, Sisal and Maní, have been awarded the designation “Pueblo Mágico,” or Magical Town, by Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR).
QBO Bearwear didn’t let a little thing like a pandemic stop its move from opening a new store in Puerto Vallarta. The exclusive store for the bear community opened in July 2020, moving to Puerto Vallarta from Guadalajara. QBO Bearwear  started...
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico:  We have so much for which to be grateful.  For those of us who find ourselves in Puerto Vallarta on the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, that adds an extra special dose of gratitude!  If you prefer our #1 dish...
Boredom during the pandemic and a loss of jobs has grown the platform “” with both new subscribers and new content proivders. Some of those content providers live in Puerto Vallarta. The OnlyFans Twitter account is up 84% from just...
Vallarta S-O-C-C-E-R “Jugando por Nuestros Dereechos” , a new LGBTQ sports project in Puerto Vallarta, has been years in the making, and is the dream of Armando del Toro finally coming true. Teams named "La Puntis" and "Unicornios F.C." have...
Another state in Mexico has legalized marriage between same-sex couples. The state of Puebla is divided into 217 municipalities and its capital is the city of Puebla. It is located in East-Central Mexico, bordered by the states of Veracruz to...