Wednesday, February 24, 2021
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Jalisco Directorate of Sexual Diversity Signs Political Pact for Respect of LGBTQ Community

This recognition agreement that is signed for the first time in the state of Jalisco commits the participants to a series of agreements to respect the rights of people of diversity in the electoral process.

Jalisco Governor Explains Covid-19 Strategy After ‘Emergency Button’

Days after the 14-day Emergency Button period of restrictions ended, Jalisco Governor Enrique Alfaro announced new measures related to hellp battle and control Covid-19. During...

Emergency Button Off and all Activities Return to Their Normal Schedule.

The emergency button in Jalisco was created by the authorities to reduce the contagions caused by covid-19. This button began on October 30 and ended...

Two dead in Puerto Vallarta / Emergency button?

Puerto Vallarta authorities reported the death of two people early Tuesday morning
tequila barrels

Tequila Lover? Here are Five Cities You Must Visit in Jalisco, Mexico

The state of Jalisco is Mexico’s most emblematic region, having given birth to so many of the country’s iconic cultural offerings, including the charro,...
Press Conference in Puerto Vallarta

Birth Certificate Gender Change becomes an Easy Process in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Jal., January 21, 2020.- By issuing the first identity change act, Puerto Vallarta consolidates itself as an inclusive city. It is the...


With wonderful circle formed structures where a complex society that existed from as early as 300 BCE until perhaps 900 CE used to worship...

Great start for Puerto Vallarta in a year of challenges for tourism activity

Puerto Vallarta, Tourism Trust.- A few days after starting the activities of the year, Puerto Vallarta celebrates that it remains one of the favorite...

Tequila, Jalisco

This colorful town gives you the impression that everything you see, and touch is handmade. In its many tequila houses you can taste flavors...


It’s true, the sun, sand and sound of the waves of Puerto Vallarta are unbeatably exotic, but Vallarta offers far more as a destination...