Two dead in Puerto Vallarta / Emergency button?

"The unknown of the week"

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“The unknown of the week”

  1. Puerto Vallarta authorities reported the death of two people early Tuesday morning.

The events took place on Ignacio L. Vallarta Street. One of them was found dead on the street in front of a nightclub; the other was taken to hospital but died minutes later.

No more injuries were reported, however there are many versions of what happened.

There is no precise information on what happened early today, Tuesday, October 27.

More details are expected.

Under all the uncertainty that we live today, not only with this new news, if not with the activation of the emergency button in the state of Jalisco, this is what we know about it.

Enrique Alfaro reported that “on Wednesday the decision will be made whether or not to press the emergency button, according to the evolution of infections on Monday and Tuesday

⁃ The new redesign of the emergency button does not mean a total stoppage of activities and will only be applied at night and on weekends

⁃ This week reached 396.7 active cases per million inhabitants, the limit being 400, and the level of hospitalization reached 24.4 percent, although the limit is 50 percent. Despite everything, Jalisco has the third accumulated infection rate and the sixth lowest mortality rate in all of Mexico ”explains Enrique Alfaro, Governor of the state of Jalisco

Regarding Puerto Vallarta, it says “The measures will consist of the suspension of activities from 8:00 p.m.; Likewise, for two weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, activities will be suspended except for Puerto Vallarta, where only the night-time suspension would be maintained. ” he said.


More news on the subject will be available on Wednesday, October 28.

So far the activities in Puerto Vallarta continue as normal.


Thanks to compliance with hygiene and sanitation standards, Puerto Vallarta received the Safe Travels seal, a distinction issued by the World Travel and Tourism Council which guarantees travelers that companies and establishments that are part of our destiny, they have adopted the strict protocols dictated by this council and in line with the recommendations of health experts.

Keep taking your precautions, and stay safe and prepared.



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