Jalisco Directorate of Sexual Diversity Signs Political Pact for Respect of LGBTQ Community

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The State Government, through the Directorate of Sexual Diversity of Jalisco and in coordination with the Electoral Institute of Citizen Participation (IEPC), political parties and organized civil society organizations, carried out today the signing of the Pact for the Respect, Recognition and Participation of people of LGBTTT + Sexual Diversity facing the 2020-2021 electoral process.

This recognition agreement that is signed for the first time in the state of Jalisco commits the participants to a series of agreements to respect the rights of people of diversity in the electoral process, among which are:

  • Constant training for social inclusion and non-discrimination in the matter of electoral political rights of people of sexual diversity;
  • the use of inclusive, non-sexist language and non-stereotypes during electoral campaigns in order to avoid comments related to gender or sexuality that are discriminatory.

They also commit to work together with civil society organizations that promote respect for sexual diversity to incorporate their agendas into the internal life of public institutions.

Andres Treviño Luna, Director of Sexual Diversity of Jalisco, highlighted the importance of signing these institutional agreements “This step is a precedent for the construction of a political culture that recognizes the guarantee of human rights as a fundamental value. LGBT + rights can no longer be subject to debate, it is important that all political parties recognize the inequality gap that exists due to sexual orientation and gender identity in the exercise of political-electoral rights and act to eradicate it, “he said.

He also recalled that since 1982, with the candidacy of Pedro Preciado, to date, LGBT + people have run for popular election position without electoral success, this situation must be reversed to move towards a Jalisco de Iguales where they are served as background discrimination and structural exclusion.

It should be noted that with this agreement the signatory political parties also committed to promoting the inclusion of people of sexual diversity in the candidacies, in political institutes, in public positions and in decision-making.

Together with this agreement, it is intended to disseminate the “Protocol to adopt the measures aimed at guaranteeing people of Sexual Diversity in the exercise of the vote under equal conditions and without discrimination in all types of elections and mechanisms of citizen participation” of the Institute Electoral National (INE).

These types of actions reflect the commitment of the Government of Jalisco to face a political agenda with a historical debt that exists with the population of sexual and gender diversity. Thus endorsing the commitment to build a Jalisco of Equals, where the recognition of the rights of all people and the acceptance of differences are essential to build the future of our state.

Government of the State of Jalisco
Directorate of Sexual Diversity of Jalisco
Electoral Institute for Citizen Participation (IEPC)
act for respect
Recognition and Participation of people of LGBTTT + Sexual Diversity
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