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Louis Whitaker (Maxwell) Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Federal Charges

Louis Whitaker (whose real name is Wyatt C. Maxwell) appeared before Magistrate Judge Jill A. Morris on March 27 and entered a plea of "not guilty" while standing with his court-appointed attorney Chelsea Wilson.
Louis Whitaker

Louis Whitaker Arrested, Indicted by U.S. Federal Grand Jury on Child Pornography

Whitaker was Alias in Puerto Vallarta, Wyatt Maxwell is Legal Name Popular Puerto Vallarta entertainer Louis Whitaker was indicted by a federal grand jury in...

Nantaimore – Naked Sushi – Comes to Puerto Vallarta to Therapy Bar

If you like Sushi and naked men, a very unique event - Nataimori - is coming to Puerto Vallarta on Dec. 1, 2022 at Therapy Bar.
Louis Whitaker

2022 NightLife Guide

Louis Whitaker is the cover of our first issue of 2022 - our official NightLife Guide - your place to find all things fun in Puerto Vallarta. In addition to a great feature on Louis, check out NightTime Adventures - from Tacos to Shows, Hula Hoop Adan Carano chats with us and we share our Top Drag Queen List for PV.

New Men’s Sauna Opens in Puerto Vallarta

A new men's sauna has opened in Puerto Vallarta, Papi Chulo. This sauna is the little brother of Club Spartacus and a new option closer to the gay beach part of town.
Louis Whitaker

Louis Whitaker: I’m not in Kansas anymore

Louis Whitaker says he "was 21 and just looking for fun, but I found a city with a diverse community who accepted me with open arms." 

Let it All Hang Out at Casa Cupula’s Naked Pool Party

If you’re looking for a safe outdoor place to let it all hang out, boutique hotel Casa Cupula may have an event that is...