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Earlier this year, the administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador
announced the changes in the way of financing the treatment of the nearly 100,000
seropositives that are supplied with antiretrovirals obtained by the government.

Solidaridad Ed Thomas A.C. SETAC is an organization in Puerto Vallarta dedicated since
2009 to eradicate cases of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections, through education
and the dissemination of information to generate responsible decision-making on sexual


The Director of SETAC, Francisco Arjona told us that in a direct way, these reforms do not affect the association. “Since our formation we have consolidated as a community-based
organization, all funds and funding have been provided through private donations, events,
collections, international donations or foundations that do not depend on the government.”
He added.

He also explained that the formation of SETAC is community-based, “We apply for federal government funds only once, we obtained the funds, but it was very difficult to meet our goals, results and indicators along with the financial bureaucracy and reports that you have to comply.” Arjona commented.

SETAC states that these reforms affect the vast majority of associations that depend on
government agencies. “This is affecting organizations that based on the annual funding of Censida (National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV AIDS) without seeking self-sustainability.”

“Seguro Popular (Popular Insurance) has been very generous with patients, so much that they have given access to medicines to foreigners as part of their health policies but if we do not get the support of the general population, if they do not help us, these new reforms will affect us in a negative way, until it reaches the point that there are no moreand fast tests and condoms are going to end.” This is also a call for the readers: your cooperation is vital.

If you need any type of guidance related to your sexual health, go directly to the SETAC
clinic in Puerto Vallarta at Calle Aldanaca 178 Esq. Viena Interior 4-A, Col. Versalles or
make an appointment by dialing 01-322-224-1974. They are open from 12:00 to 20:00