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Jerry and Pacovideo

SETAC Celebrates Nine Years – Interview with Paco Arjona

We interview Paco Arjona, executive director of SETAC, about their services and nine years of service to the community.

Mexican culture impels Alejandro Castillo to pivot from fantasy to advocacy

Alejandro Castillo is not as tall or as bulky as you might expect. Film, so they say, has a way of making an individual...

SETAC engages Semana Santa revelers for HIV prevention

As in years past, SETAC, Puerto Vallarta’s LGBTQ Community Center, will implement a prevention and education strategy during Semana Santa, Mexico’s Spring Break equivalent,...

Two gay communities in Puerto Vallarta, separated by geography and demography, highlight SETAC’s multiple...

It doesn’t immediately make sense, that moment when you discover Puerto Vallarta’s HIV service organization is located so far removed from the city’s universally...

SETAC celebrates a successful fundraising gala

SETAC, Puerto Vallarta’s HIV/AIDS Community Center (www.setac.com.mx) announced the outcome of Red Ribbon Gala, their most recent fundraising event that took place at Casa...