Puerto Vallarta announces new protocols to help manage the pandemic of the COVID-19

Color codes will help guide levels of mobility

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The following press release updating on COVID-19 in Puerto Vallarta was released by the Vallarta Port Public trust Tourist Promotion and Advertising.

According to the recent update of the Federal government regarding the situation of the states of the country against the pandemic of the COVID-19, the Government of Jalisco announced that thanks to the implemented protocols in the state by Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, all once Jalisco was the first to set up quarantine and initiated social isolation, has managed to avoid an explosive growth in the number of cases, this also thanks to the support, commitment and solidarity of the population and the productive sector, respecting indications of the health sector to the contingency.

Has established a system of four – color traffic light nationally, containing several indicators (levels of mobility, rate of infection, mortality, etc.) that allow constant evaluation of cases of COVID 19. It is noteworthy that Jalisco is green (with a low level of alert), so the governor Enrique Alfaro announced Phase Zero of the Economic Recovery Plan of the state, which from Monday May 18 will start a preparation protocol which will allow the reopening gradual of the various productive sectors, including hospitality.

The Governor noted that Phase Zero is the beginning of the implementation of the protocols already announced for the gradual reopening of the economy of Jalisco; It is the beginning of the certification process for companies that comply with those measures to be monitored and supported by the Ministry of Health and Work to prepare companies to their next reopening as pointed out by the federal government, June 1 .

With this announcement Puerto Vallarta begins to see the light to begin the process of gradual recovery of some companies in the tourism sector or related to this, with the commitment to maintain strict standards of social distancing and hygiene measures. He also reiterated the Governor that the start of Phase Zero is not the opening of the hotel industry to enjoy holidays in the tourist destinations of Jalisco and announced that measures will be reinforced sanitary control filters.


Phase Zero of the Economic Recovery Plan of the state contains guidelines and assumptions very clear on the eve of a gradual reopening of activities in the country from June 1 (which will happen based on a new update for the return to the new normal).

This implies that industries that were not considered essential may start their early recovery. Thus, the hospitality industry can resume hosting services, but without the operation of common areas.

Undoubtedly, this unprecedented crisis worldwide has confronted us with new challenges, which imposes a new way to travel and above all, how to operate as a tourist destination, incorporating hygiene protocols -of people and things- as routines from a more conscious and now permanently to prevent the collapse of one of the engines of the global economy.

Hotels comply with the literally standardized measures of hygiene, sanitation of public spaces, social distancing and the use of face masks, this included as part of the protocols already established and published by the government of the state as well as those implemented by the hotel chains and the various chambers, the manual will detail the security measures since the arrival of visitors, until his return.

These actions start the implementation and certification of the protocols announced by the State of Jalisco, Puerto Vallarta demonstrates again be a top destination and world – class, where the highest priority, beyond the fun and unique visitor experiences is the health and safety of visitors.



Today Puerto Vallarta prepares for its tourists to enjoy the warmth of her long – awaited summer, water temperate of the sea, the green mountains, the food exquisite and especially the hospitality of the vallartenses, who with renewed enthusiasm and heart in hand, yearn to have visitors return.

Promotion Public Trust will continue to work cooperatively with state and federal authorities, the Association of Hotels and chambers of commerce , in order to contain this pandemic and contribute to a speedy recovery that benefits the economy of the entire vallartense society.
We will continue communicating and timely updates by Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, who has been working very closely with the hotel industry to resume tourism firm but prudent steps; undoubtedly face challenges and opportunities, the bottom line is to maintain hygiene measures and distance to stop the continuation of the pandemic and stop an explosive outbreak.

It is to recognize the health sector in the state that has played a major role proving to have the ability to prevent, contain and assistance at all times facing this situation. The tourism sector welcomes them and recognizes their daily efforts!

For more information about the protocols to follow the recommendations of the authorities, the operation of hotels, today ‘s connectivity, among other topics please consult:
www.visitapuertovallarta.com .MX

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