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Meet Your Neighbor

Meet your neighbor and learn more about some of our wonderful people that live full time here in Puerto Vallarta. From the locals (pata salada). to temporary and permanent residents, we’ve got great stories about your neighbors.

Dr. Sánchez is “Doctor Puerto Vallarta” and as a gay physician, he knows that many gay men are more comfortable with a gay physican that can speak English, and discuss more intimate health concerns.
Luis Valdez wants to open a new window in your world by teaching you a new language.  He recently started teaching English and Spanish classes in Puerto Vallarta. His classes are small, intimate and designed for lots of one-on-one learning time.
Armando Álan Vázquez (chef) and Ivan Garcia are making sweet moments with love from their small and humble pastry shop that recently opened. 
Sweet Treats by Rosie and Me is truly a home based business and a one-man-show. Richard cooks in the kitchen in his rented home located in the Centro Colonial. He shares photos of his work on Facebook, and orders are placed through Facebook messenger. He personally delivers the orders. 
Che Vallarta, a restaurant offering authentic Argentinean empanadas and other delicacies, has grown by word of mouth. You'll find their small shop in Centro Vallarta, Calle Abasolo 189, just a few blocks from the Malecon.
A spatula, salty sea water, and his imagination are the humble tools Francisco Calvillo uses to create unbelievable works of art out of sand.
Danyol is a Puerto Vallarta artist and drag performer, and has created a world of Queer Art Inspired by his Mexican roots.
Adan Carano is a brilliant artist who combines his love of the Hula-Hoop with his nimble surfing skills, bringing together elements which have become vital in Adan’s life.
My love affair with Puerto Vallarta began over 15 years ago. On my very first trip I knew someday I would live here. In fact, I have a photo from my first time in Vallarta from the hillside I live on today. 
Louis Whitaker says he "was 21 and just looking for fun, but I found a city with a diverse community who accepted me with open arms." 
PV resident Don Lewis shares why he loves living in Puerto Vallarta, his paradise.
Edy Sandoval is one of the many LGBTQ community members in Puerto Vallarta that lost his job due to the pandemic. He was working at a restaurant when it was forced to close. So, he took a passion and hobby...
Paul Crist is well known throughout Puerto Vallarta as the gracious owner of Hotel Mercurio, which he has now operated for 18 years (since 2002).  But it might surprise you to know that he’s also the brainchild and owner...
Having lived in three of Mexico’s largest cities (Monterrey, Mexico City and Puebla),  Roberto Ortiz de Montellano found himself in search of a location where he would be able to practice law, find a community of gay people and...