The Palm, Taniel Chemsian, ThrIVe IV and MedSpa and Bears! All in the Winter 2024 Print Issue

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Exploring Puerto Vallarta’s Burgeoning Bear Scene: Unveiling New Stores and Bars

The Palm’s Legacy Unveiled: Mark Rome Talks Entertainment, History, and the Vibrant Future

From House Hunters International to Puerto Vallarta: Taniel Chemsian Reflects on Global Fame and Local Impact

ThrIVe IV and MedSpa: Celebrating 2 Years of Wellness Excellence with a Grand Expansion – Discover the Latest Services and Meet the Team

Welcome to the 24th issue of Out & About PV Magazine

Puerto Vallarta has welcomed the bear community for more than 20 years, and this past year we’ve seen an uptick in stores and bars that cater to that community. There are three large bear gatherings planned for the last week of January and first week of February. 

Writer Rande Lee explores that growth and talks to local business owners about the new stores and bars catering to the bear and leather community.

The Palm Winter 2024

As we enter the very busy entertainment season, writer Richard Lucas talks to Mark Rome, owner of The Palm Cabaret and Bar, and previews some of the entertainment lined up for the next few months. The Palm is Pueto Vallarta’s longest running theater venue.

Taniel Chemsian Winter 2024

Taniel Chemsian is a face familiar to millions and millions of people around the world as a realtor and ambassador, having appeared in more than 35 episodes of the TV show, House Hunters International. We talk to Taniel about the impact that has had on Puerto Vallarta.

ThrIVe IV and MedSpa  Winter 2024

ThrIVe IV and MedSpa are celebrating their second anniversary with a huge expansion in space and services. Rande Lee highlights some of the new services and introduces you to the staff of this popular medspa.

And we have so many other delightful features to share with you from new restaurants to some changes on the entertainment scene. 

Jerry Jones

Editor and Publisher


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