Taniel Chemsian: Relator and Reality TV Star Showcases Puerto Vallarta to Millions

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Millions of people across the globe have become familiar with Puerto Vallarta through one TV show. The popular HGTV Network show House Hunters International has brought the city into more than 700 million American homes over the span of some 12 years.

Taniel Chemsian is not just a reality TV show star, having just completed his 36th episode for the HGTV Network show, House Hunters International. He is a world-wide ambassador for Puerto Vallarta. 

Taniel Chemsian: Relator and Reality TV Star
Taniel Chemsian: Relator and Reality TV Star. Photo by Oscar Almeida

Chemsian, who filmed his first episode in January 2012 (it aired on HGTV USA network on April 6, 2012), is one of the most popular realtor hosts for the show, which often showcases Puerto Vallarta, its cost of living and its liveability.

Taniel Chemsian Winter 2024

If you are not familiar with the show,  it takes a person (or persons) on a home purchasing journey in a foreign country. The agent shows them three homes and they work through the idiosyncrasies of buying real estate in other countries. The show briefly highlights the city where the home purchase is taking place, and the buyers talk about pricing, and the pros and cons of each home they look at. 

It was the summer of 2011 when Chemsian saw on Twitter (now X) that HGTV was looking for an agent for their very first episode of House Hunters International in Puerto Vallarta.  Having lived in Puerto Vallarta since October, 2003 (moving from Los Angeles) and working as a real estate agent since 2006, he knew the city and its people well. 

“I followed the audition process and secured the role,” he explained. 

Taniel Chemsian: Relator and Reality TV Star

Chemsian studied telecommunications and worked for the television program The Hollywood Insider, as well as other post production companies in California. And while he was used to being behind the scenes with production companies, getting in front of the camera was a different story. 

He identifies as an introvert, and he saw the challenge of going in front of the camera as a significant personal achievement. Little did he know he’d still be doing this some 12 years later. 

“Considerable effort is invested in the meticulous preparation for each episode of the show, encompassing the coordination of property viewings, lifestyle shoots, and the hopeful anticipation for favorable weather conditions,” he explained. 

Chemsian worked with Timothy Real Estate Group for 17 years, and started his own firm in  2023. Taniel Chemsian Properties is located at Calle Pulpito #242 (near the Pinnacle buildings). 

“With 17 years of involvement in the Banderas Bay real estate community, I recognized the need to elevate our business to the next level,” he said. “This realization prompted the natural transition to our newly established office.”

Taniel Chemsian: Relator and Reality TV Star
Taniel Chemsian: Relator and Reality TV Star – Photo by Oscar Almeida

Chemsian has used the popularity of the show theme to also help raise funds for local non-profits. 

“Recognizing the immense popularity of the show among American and Canadian audiences, we perceived a meaningful opportunity to harness the support of our international friends,” he said. “This led us to channel our efforts into giving back to the local community in Puerto Vallarta through theme-related fundraising events, using House Hunters International as the conduit. All proceeds generated from these events were equitably distributed among designated charity beneficiaries. To date, our collective endeavors have resulted in the contribution of over $1,600,000 pesos towards philanthropic causes.”

Taniel Chemsian: Relator and Reality TV Star

He’s very proud of the way that the show portrays life in Puerto Vallarta, and the impact that has had on the community. He’s helped many people make the move from the United States or Canada, and his advice to those considering such a move?

“Life offers opportunities, and it’s acceptable to lead a life that might not align with others,” he said. “Ultimately, your journey and happiness are paramount to your well-being. Take charge of designing your life, delve into the challenges of figuring out how to actualize it, and embrace the faith and courage needed to believe that it will indeed work out.”

Information to Know:

Taniel Chemsian Properties
Calle Pulpito 242
Col. Amapas, Puerto Vallarta
Mexico, CP 48399
Office: +52.322.688.7435
Office: +52.322.403.9960
USA/CAN: +1.323.798.8893
Email: info@tanielchemsian.com
Website: www.tanielchemsian.com

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