Swan Lake in Puerto Vallarta: An Ode to Diversity and Artistic Talent

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In the vibrant heart of Puerto Vallarta, a destination that proudly celebrates its LGBT identity, a bold and contemporary reinterpretation of the classic ballet “Swan Lake” comes from ACT2PV.

This production is not merely another show within the city’s diverse nightlife scene; It is an artistic revolution, a brave challenge to the conventions of traditional local theater.

Swan Lake at Act2PV.
Photo by Víctor Espíndola

Alonso Vásquez, the choreographer of this masterful work, uses his avant-garde vision to weave a tapestry that exalts the sexual diversity and excellence of the cast. From the first act, the dancers’ discipline and passion capture the essence of commitment, transforming each movement into a vibrant testimony of their devotion to the art.

James Wolburg, in the lead role, and Alejandro Barrón, previously known for his performances in erotic shows, emerge as stellar figures. Wolburg with a magnetic stage presence and Barrón, redrawing the boundaries of his artistry, deliver performances that not only meet, but exceed expectations.

Swan Lake at Act2PV.
Photo by Víctor Espíndola

Edgar Sánchez’s production is a spectacle of limitless creativity, where each visual and musical element is perfectly synchronized, although it would benefit from polishing the musical transitions. These small details fail to overshadow the emotional effort and cohesion of the group, reflected in each segment of the performance.

Complementing the cast are Omar Aguilar and Francisco Guizar, along with Jack and Bryan Santana, John Ortiz and Cesar H Alamillo, who with their dedication and talent add depth and brilliance to each scene.

When the curtain closes, spectators not only applaud a performance, but celebrate an act of artistic courage that positions Puerto Vallarta on the map of classical art with a new narrative.

Swan Lake at Act2PV.
Photo by Víctor Espíndola

ACT2PV’s “Swan Lake” is not just a ballet, it is a powerful manifesto of rich and diverse LGBT cultural expression, which promises to usher in a new season for theater and dance in the region.

This show is an invitation to dream, to feel and to be part of the construction of dreams on stage, ensuring that this inaugural presentation is just the prelude to what hopes to be a golden era for LGBT theater in Puerto Vallarta.

You can see Swan Lake at Act2PV every Sunday at 7 p.m. through May 5, 2024. You can purchase tickets here. Ticket prices start at $725 pesos and the show is in the Mainstage Theater.

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