Facebook Group Establishes ‘Virtual Pride’ Week for Puerto Vallarta

June 8 to 14 to bring community together through Facebook live events

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A group of volunteers have pulled together to create a virtual pride week for Puerto Vallarta, and they are calling on business owners and performers to help participate.

The Facebook group “Puerto Vallarta Virtual Pride Week” has been created as a central page to stream live events throughout the week of June 8 to 14. You can join the group here.

Mandy McPherson, one of the volunteer organizers, said the idea came to her about a week ago when she was searching for virtual pride events in Puerto Vallarta.

“I teach yoga online and thought ‘hey if I can do that and connect with people, why can’t there be a cohesive group where all local LGBTQ and their friends’ businesses can go live,” she explained.

As a LGBTQ friend and ally, McPherson is no stranger to Puerto Vallarta, as she holds yoga retreats and teacher training sessions a few times each year. She and her husband are planning to make Puerto Vallarta their full-time home in 2022.

McPherson said she talked with some businesses, and they also expressed enthusiasm for the event, she decided to create the group with the help of Jason Johnson. She said Johnson has an extensive background in event organizing, and recently helped with the Broadway Across Canada event.  She said they have tapped into the talents of Joss Cornejo to help with publicity, translating and graphic design. And also recently added Karyn Green as a marketing specialist to help keep the group page PVVP up-to-date and make sure all information relayed is current and correct.

“There are a few more local business owners that are helping as moderators of the group and a couple friends lending behind the scenes support as well,” she added.

The response thus far has been tremendous, with more than 800 people joining the group in the first week.

“I’m actually blown away,” she said. “I thought this would be like organizing a weekend of fun parties while bringing awareness to Puerto Vallarta’s dynamic and inspiring pride “scene”. It became quite big, very quickly and still growing. Currently we are working on sharing details, fielding questions and building interest from performers, businesses, viewers and supporters of the LGBTQ community”

The week-long event is not to be confused with another Puerto Vallarta Virtual Pride event – PV Strong – that will be held on Saturday, May 23 starting at 2 p.m. PV Strong will be a live-streamed event that will seek donations to benefit the Puerto Vallarta Nightlife Relief Fund.

Puerto Vallarta Virtual Pride Week promises to feature LGBTQ businesses and performers, with most of them local in Puerto Vallarta. Some may join from other parts of the country. Live events and performances will be scheduled from the Facebook group, Puerto Vallarta Virtual Pride. Anyone that has joined this public group can view and share, and even tip or donate to each live event.

The week-long virtual event promises to have a little something for everyone.

“There are some highly produced shows that feature bands, dancers and drag queens, and there will be cooking demonstrations, dance classes, yoga classes offered as well as local businesses joining you to share about themselves,” McPherson explained.

If you are interested in participating with a live feed, McPherson said that everyone was welcome, and they are scheduling 15 to 60-minute spots.

“They can email me at mandymcpherson79@gmail.com or message directly to the group and we will find them a time slot on the schedule,” she said. “We are trying to maintain a ‘first come, first serve’ style however, we will manage the schedule so there is a wide variety of offerings all week long.”

She encouraged O&APV readers to join the group and then invite their friends.

“You can help by tipping or donating to your favorite businesses or performer on their live feed,” she said. “Lastly, you can help by continuing to support local LGBTQ businesses everywhere, all year long. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and to see this vibrant community reunited in person as soon as it is possible.”


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