Three New Cases Of Coronavirus In Jalisco, None Of Them In PV

This is a man who traveled to the US, as well as a woman who was in contact with one of the first patients and a man who traveled to Spain. (Notimex)

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Guadalajara, México.- The Ministry of Health in Jalisco confirmed three new positive cases of coronavirus, a man who traveled to the United States, in addition to a woman who was in contact with one of the first patients and a man who traveled to Spain, bringing the number of people to five infected in the entity, none of them in Puerto Vallarta.

The Secretary of Health in Jalisco, Fernando Petersen Aranguren, reported that two asymptomatic carriers were also detected, who tested positive for Covid-19, but showed no visible symptoms of disease.

A couple who traveled to Switzerland and Spain are the first two asymptomatic carriers detected by the health authority. A man from 70 to 74 years old and his wife, from 50 to 54 years old, residents of Zapopan, who maintained contact with five people. All are isolated and will be followed up for 14 days.

Petersen Aranguren reported that the first case is a man from 40 to 44 years old, a resident of Guadalajara, who made a trip to the United States, arrived on February 29 and began with symptoms on March 10, and two days later, his care began.

At the moment he is in home isolation and five contacts have been identified.

The second case is from a woman between 55 and 59 years old, from Zapopan, who had contact with one of the first confirmed cases in the entity and started with symptoms on March 11. She is isolated at home and seven contacts have been identified.

The state authority reported that a man between 45 and 49 years old, from Guadalajara, is the third confirmed case. He traveled to Spain and on March 11 he started with symptoms of coronavirus. At the moment he is isolated at home with mild symptoms and eight contacts were identified.

“In Jalisco we have five confirmed cases, 50 have been discarded, 13 cases in process and two asymptomatic carriers. We are following up on 59 people, 52 of them contacts ”, specified the Secretary of Health.

He reported that the number 3338233220, which is available for consultations to rule out Covid-19 coronavirus, has received around 3 thousand calls, for which ten attention lines were opened and he regretted that 605 of them were false calls.

“There is installed capacity to attend cases. A case came out of the hotline, yes it has worked. One of the cases called and the health jurisdiction took over,” said Petersen Aranguren, who estimated that according to the trend of cases, it is expected that between March 23 and 30, the number of them will increase.


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