New Actions To Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus in PV

The actions based on World Health Organization criteria in coordination with municipalities include to close party halls, casinos, clubs, canteens, nightclubs and bars.


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Focused on protecting the community from possible contagions and prevent as much as possible the spread of the coronavirus in Puerto Vallarta, the Governor of the State Enrique Alfaro announced new actions that include the suspension of entertainment establishments.

The Governor issued the following statement to the population, detailing what these actions are about.

As new actions to prevent the spread of the #coronavirus, this is a very important announcement about the entertainment industry in Jalisco, which takes effect from tomorrow, March 18.

Initially, the decision was made, based on WHO criteria and in coordination with municipalities, to temporarily close party halls, casinos, clubs, canteens, nightclubs and bars.

Regarding cinemas, restaurants and gyms, cleaning measures will have to be reinforced, as well as reducing the influx of people: in the case of cinemas of up to 50% and 25% in restaurants, in addition to seeking social distance between one and two meters per person.

The establishments will receive each procedure and requirement letter by letter. The 125 state councils and the Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Jalisco will be in charge of supervising their compliance since, if not complied with, the consequence will be the total closure of the establishments.

This decision has not been easy, but what seems exaggerated today will be insufficient tomorrow. In Jalisco we are prepared to prevent a massive spread of COVID-19, but if you stay at home we are already on the other side. If we join him as a team, we will prevent a health alert and we can move forward.

The Governor invited users not to believe the fake news, stay calm, and share this information so that people take appropriate preventive measures.