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Embracing Diversity: Conversatrans Unveils Trans Empowerment in Puerto Vallarta

In a showcase of diversity and empowerment, Puerto Vallarta's cultural landscape recently played host to 'CONVERSATRANS' at La Gata Foro Bar. 

Celebrating Diversity: Trans Visibility Day in Puerto Vallarta is March 31

March 31st is Trans Visibility Day in Puerto Vallarta. Join the movement to promote inclusion and equality for transgender individuals. Learn about the importance of this annual celebration.

Trans Woman Denied Access to Strana NightClub

Ángela Verania, a trans woman from Monterrey, was denied access to Strana nightclub in Puerto Vallarta in the early morning hours of Jan. 1, 2024.

Puerto Vallarta’s Lorena Amor is the winner of Miss TransGlobal Mexico

As the world celebrates pride during the month of June, Puerto Vallarta's renowned Vallarta communicator and stylist by adoption, Lorena Amor, has been crowned in the first Miss TransGlobal Mexico.

Elliot Page’s Time Cover

Elliot Page’s  Times cover will set a precedent in the fight for trans equality.  Cultural change is a hard thing to measure accurately but important moments of visibility, such as this cover, can help raise awareness and start a conversation.  

Jalisco is the First State of Mexico to Recognize the Identity of Trans People.

"The trans identity of girls, boys, and Teenager will be recognized without age restriction throughout the State"   Last Thursday, October 29, “El Periodico Oficial" of...

Living in Fear: Second Murder Places Mexico’s Transgender Community on Guard

The murder of the transgender woman in the border city of Ciudad Juarez highlights dangers for the LGBT+ community in Mexico

Vallarta Gay History