Jalisco is the First State of Mexico to Recognize the Identity of Trans People.

"The trans identity of girls, boys, and Teenager will be recognized without age restriction throughout the State"

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“The trans identity of girls, boys, and Teenager will be recognized without age restriction throughout the State”


Last Thursday, October 29, “El Periodico Oficial” of Jalisco published an agreement with Governor Enrique Alfaro on which the trans identity of girls, boys and teenagers is recognized without age restriction throughout the state.

What does this mean? With this modification to state law, people who currently live in a trans identity can modify their legal documents, obtain a birth certificate according to their gender identity, no the gender assigned at birth, INE (federal voting card and identification), passport, etc., regardless of age.

Through his twitter account, Governor Enrique Alfaro published that a modification was made to the civil regulations. The tweet translates:

“Today we took a decisive step for the construction of a #EqualJalisco: from now on, our state recognizes, with all the extent of the law, the right of identity for trans people”

This ruling begins as of October 30, 2020 throughout the state.

The Directorate of Sexual Diversity Jalisco commented on his twitter account.

“Today history has been made, a State ruling is published that recognizes the right to gender identity throughout #Jalisco. The director of sexual diversity of the government of Jalisco @andtrelun reports on the scope of this important event.”

The requirements for adults are the following:

  • Fill out and sign an application that is delivered to the civil registry offices
  • Provide a certified copy of the original birth certificate to make the corresponding changes
  • Provide an original and a copy of any official identification
  • Be of Mexican nationality and have a birth certificate from any state of the Republic.

In the case of people under 18 years of age:

  • They must present a document from their legal guardian or whoever exercises parental authority in which they express their consent for the modification.

The main objective and for which this ruling has been fought so hard is to guarantee trans people the fulfillment of human rights, such as the right to work, adapt their identification and educational documents, as a consequence it would provide them access to a life without discrimination.

With this modification to the state law, it is possible to create more job opportunities, less discrimination for transgender people, more freedom and create awareness that we are all equal and deserve to be treated the same.

Although they made all this changes, the challenges aren’t over, specially for the girls, boys and teenagers, who will need parental or legal guardian approval to make this changes.