In March, S.E.T.A.C. Wellness Center Offers PrEP At No Cost

The civil organization dedicated inform and promote the sexual health among the LGBT+ community in Puerto Vallarta announced that there are 100 spaces left.

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S.E.T.A.C. Wellness Center announced that during the month of March, their staff will apply the protocol performed to determinate if you’re a candidate to receive a PrEP treatment (antiretroviral drugs to prevent HIV) for free.

O&APV talked with the staff of the Wellness Center to know more about the characteristics that candidates must have to obtain the treatment.

“The requirements are revealed during the appointment, however, some of them are to be a man who have sex with other men or a transgender woman who have sex with men, in addition, they must speak and understand Spanish.” Said Leonardo, sexual health promoter.

Visitors in Puerto Vallarta can also apply for their PrEP, since it is not mandatory to have a document that guarantees that you are living in Puerto Vallarta.

It is not essential to live in Puerto Vallarta but there should be medical follow-up visits because the treatment provided on the first time only lasts for one month, after 30 days, it’s necessary to come back for another PrEP provision, this time, the patients receive a larger one that lasts three months.” Said.

Leonardo also added that PrEP is also for sale for people who do not result as a candidate to get PrEP at no cost.

“In case the patient does not have the characteristics that make him/her a candidate to obtain the treatment for free, we always offer the option to purchase it at a lower cost than the regular.” Said

Besides Puerto Vallarta, the initiative to provide PrEP treatment in Mexico for free is applied in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

“This is a protocol that works together with Brazil and Peru, Puerto Vallarta was chosen between other cities such as CMDX and Guadalajara because there’s a greater concentration of this population, so the prevention is considered important.” Mentioned.

The staff added that the main objective is to make the federal government visualize the results of PrEP in order to make of Mexico one of the countries that cover the costs of the treatment, offering it for free to the population.

“The PrEP prevention method has been offered for about 10 years in countries where it has already been implemented as a public policy, our goal is to involve the Mexican government and consolidate the PrEP in Mexico as a federal policy so the entire population can access to this treatment at no cost.” Concluded.

The staff of S.E.T.A.C. also announced their newest mobile unit to be officially inaugurated soon in 2020 and unveiled that the recent test phase of the unit have had a good acceptance from the people who came up to get their screening tests and free condoms.

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