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Multicultural Drag Queens Make Vallarta Their Home

Thanks in part to the popularity of RuPaul Drag’s Race, the art of drag has become exponentially popular throughout the world, and Mexico is no exception. Of course, a magical place like Puerto Vallarta could not be left behind, and today it offers some of the best drag shows in the country. The city offers an amazing variety of great drag shows – so many in fact, that it would be almost impossible to see all of them in one visit. 

Let’s do some history. The origin of the word “drag” dates back to Elizabethan times, as this is how men who acted as women were called. During that time, in England, women could not participate in the theater, so all female roles were also performed by men. A tradition of genre personification then emerged, as can be seen in The Merchant of Venice and Twelfth Night.

However, it was not until 1930 that the term was linked to the LGBTQ + community in the United States, especially during the prohibition of alcohol. Drag, then, becomes a safe space for the community, where they can freely express their sexuality within a heteronormed society.

Nowadays, not only people in the community can drag, but also trans and cis people who are curious and above all the creativity to exercise this difficult art.

O&APV presents to you our selection of the Top Drag Queens of Puerto Vallarta that are making an impact on the community and providing great entertainment.

Miss Conception

From Toronto, Canada comes this great drag artist with more than twenty years of performing under her bra. Kevin Levesque brings the hilarious Miss Conception to life. If you have never seen her perform, you cannot miss it. She always has great seasons while performing in Puerto Vallarta, and is resident drag queen for big shows. Miss Conception shows are full of energy, and you will laugh from beginning to end. Within the show she skits and celebrates some of the best characters, movies, and television shows of our time, featuring stage transitions from one character to another, with extraordinary costume changes. It is a pleasure to be able to delight ourselves with her art, her wit and talent. Miss Conception is a drag chameleon who knows how to combine different disciplines such as theater, singing, cabaret and comedy. Miss Conceptions trademark show is a Puerto Vallarta tradition. It has a limited run so don’t miss out on this fabulous show. Her 2021-2022 residency is at The Palm Cabaret, with shows on Monday 8 p.m., 9.30 p.m. and Thursday 9.30 p.m.


Karma Da´Bitch

Drag is free, above all. And that is known to Karma who everything he has created around drag is merely self-taught, always with great professionalism. Mitchell Rivadeneyra is the one who gives life to Karma Da´ Bitch. Karma has been part of the creative scene in Puerto Vallarta. Her drag character was born more than eight years ago but it wasn’t until recently that she decided to take her persona to the stage and share her art with us. Her first public performance in drag was at Incanto, where she began her act in drag and ended completely naked. The public was going crazy and it was where he decided to take Karma to the next level. Karma Da’Bitch comes from the inspiration of her mother and grandmother, who she says are both strong and brave women. Karma knows what it is to earn the place where she is, she has worked in almost all the bars and clubs in Vallarta until now arriving at her residence in Act2PV, where she is the only Latin drag doing a live show singing in Spanish and English. Her show for the 2021-2022 season is Karma Chameleon, a show that represents community diversity and drag, has five dancers on stage and six costume changes. The show is a total party, filled with music and spectacular acts of dancing and juggling. All conceived and written by Karma. It will be in season until May at Act2PV on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. Keep track of her because this girl is going up!


Mama Tits

A great artist full of charisma, talent and humor is Mama Tits. From the age of 16 he started dragging “just for fun” and later turned pro in Seattle. His drag went through many stages and even names, but for 12 years Mama Tits has always been around. His drag is not only an entertainment show, she always seeks to send a message to the LGBTQ + community of support for each other. That is why he firmly believes that drag cannot be defined with a single definition, “Drag is drag, it is unique, drag is culture, drag is art.” Admiring all the growing Mexican drag scene currently in Puerto Vallarta, she said “the expression of your own culture through the art of drag is crazy and I love it, particularly here in Mexico.” As Mama Tits, she is an accomplished storyteller who uses the stories from her life to inspire audiences everywhere. That talent, coupled with her passion and matching vocal skill set, is sure to delight and inspire you. Mama Tits weaves poignant live voices into her stories, along with incredible comedic drama, creating a great show of joy, with a strong message of love.

Each Mama show is an experience, they do not resemble each other. Always inspired by her own life, telling great and funny stories, one of the great pluses of Mama is that her live singing is excellent. It is a delight to see her on stage accompanied by Mexican musicians.

You can find her doing a season at ACT2PV with two amazing shows until May 2022: “Confessions of a Ho!” Comedy cabaret with a twisted version of life, laughter, love and sex, on Saturdays 9.30 p.m. and the second show is “Mama Tits and the Underwires”, a live band show, Mama’s Rockshow! Mondays 9.30 p.m.



Naya Quetzal

This queen is full of energy, originality and sympathy. Naya Quetzal has risen like wildfire this past year. She has performed in the strongest venues of PV’s drag show. Naya is a baby drag queen, since she has not been a performer for long. However, her charisma has made her quickly place herself in the public’s eye, with fans looking for where her next performances will be. Naya’s show is eclectic –  you can see her perfectly doing a Queen B song and then performing one by Lila Downs incredibly. The hallmark of her persona is a beard that she wears well and that makes this magical character stand out more as she sings in the late nights of Vallarta. Her show is a must that you should not miss.

Here the places where you can find it:

Paco’s Ranch – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

La Noche – Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays

Hambúrguer Mary’s – Friday

Chachalaca Bar – Saturdays



Sutton Lee Seymour

If we talk about Drag Queen experts in comedy we have to mention Sutton Lee Seymour, better known as the Robin Williams of drag. This queen is one of the most recognized drag singers in New York, not only on stage but also on screen. She has toured different places with great success such as the United States, Mexico, Brazil and Europe. Her drag art is very theatrical, full of glamor, but also a lot of comedy. Seymour displays a variety of talents at each presentation. She sings live, parodying both great musicals and Disney movies. Her show is full of adrenaline, singing quietly next to the piano and then transforming into a super cabaret singer or serenity all in a matter of minutes and with great ingenuity when interacting with the public.  She recently is performed a great season at The Palm Cabaret, her home every time she performs in PV.  If you have the opportunity to see it, do not miss it, the Seymour show will be a bomb of laughter and unforgettable music!

Her show is “Jest For Fans” on Tuesdays 9.30PM and Fridays 8PM at The Palm Cabaret.



Mizz Peaches

May 2019 was when the drag scene turned to see Mizz Peaches and from there until now they have not stopped admiring and following her. Henry González is the one who gave life to this wonderful character, who began to take shape in the Pulpito Drag Derby Contest 2019. She was the winner and later obtained second place in the Dragaton of Bar La Noche, and so, Mizz Peaches was officially born. Mizz Peaches’ drag is a mix of Amazon and sporty spice girl. She is an athletic drag that not only does lip-sync and incredible shows but also prepares herself physically with disciplines such as jazz, hip-hop, acrobatics and ballet to look spectacular and complement her artistic preparation and give a very professional show.

You can enjoy her performance at La Noche every Saturday after Midnight and every weekend at Hamburguer Mary´s.


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