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Puerto Vallarta is the most gay-friendly town in Mexico and one of the top LGBT wedding destinations in the world. PV legalized gay marriage in 2016 and is also becoming a very popular gay vacation spot. Year after year, the number of LGBT visitors has increased significantly, making the number of gay-friendly resorts and tourist attractions to increase as well.

PV offers great weather, Mexican charm, beautiful ocean bay, beaches, mountains, gorgeous sunsets, delicious food, culture, endless things to do and see, welcoming people, just to name a few. And for these reasons, people are finding Puerto Vallarta to be a perfect location to celebrate love and make it memorable.

As locals, there are many things that we’ve come to take for granted by living in this tropical Mexican paradise. Visitors on the other hand, do not overlook those things and they are truly appreciated for what they are, quite exotic and wonderful.

Vallarta’s nightlife, especially that which is concentrated in the Zona Romantica and Centro, is very suitable for wedding guests during their stay. With numerous restaurants, clubs, and live shows, the area offers gay and straight guests alike plenty of options. Most wedding couples feel that keeping their venue and guest lodging close to the center of the action is quite important, giving their guests as many options as possible for them to enjoy their vacation.

Where is the trend going for Puerto Vallarta weddings?

More and more couples come to Vallarta to celebrate their union and this only increases each year. We talked to wedding planner Paula Arredondo Vial from ‘Vallarta Wedds Planners’ and she tells us her take on this.

“Same-sex weddings are now legal here, so we can do them, no issues there. Now, if they want to do the legal aspects in their home country and do the romantic or spiritual ceremony here, and have the best party, this is what Puerto Vallarta is best for. Doing a wedding in Mexico, or in Puerto Vallarta, is unique. Only here you can have Mariachi, fireworks, an incredible dinner, top-notch service, and a wedding scene that in the USA only the rich and famous could afford, and a paradisiacal ocean view. The truth is that there are very few places that could offer the same.” Paula said.

“Gay couples should come to get married in Puerto Vallarta because besides being a paradise, it has incredible weather, beautiful places – Zona Romantica is spectacular -, really entertaining bars like El Garbo Piano bar. This is a gay-friendly city, where you’ll find a variety of things. We, locals, receive them with open arms. All this make up the ingredients that would make your Vallarta wedding a unique adventure and where we could make dreams come true” she adds.



Photo credit: Mantamar Beach Club