My Affair with Emiliano: Tacos

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Last Sunday, I was hungry, and Emiliano decided to take me to eat tacos. Around the area, we have too many options. Also, it was pretty early, like 7 PM. I usually go to Tacos Hormiga, which Super Wendy’s always used to recommend.

But that day, they weren’t ready; a night before, I had tacos de cabeza and tongue, and I wasn’t feeling that adventurous. 

I decided to give it a try to Tacos Tuito; it’s the last taco stand on that taco raw; I had ten pastor tacos; if you know me, you know I like tacos a lot. The price of the tacos was $20 pesos each, and I was surprised because the flavor of the pastor was yummy, and the spicy green salsa made my night. 

Before I hit the taco stand, I had to stop by Farmacias Guadalajara; it was a guy with his dog asking for food or money; I decided to bring him some tacos for him and his dog. 

Yesterday I saw him there too, and I had the chance to talk to him a little. I asked him if he had eaten already, and my next question was if the dog ate too. He said yes, that someone gave him tacos; it breaks my heart to see people struggling on the streets with their dogs, I remember when I was walking in downtown LA, and I saw people sleeping on the streets with their dogs; I wish I could help everyone. 

Tacos Tuito are open every day, they have volcanes, burritas, asada tacos, pollo, tripa, adobada, pastor chorizo. If you are out and about the area, you should give them a try. 

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