My Affair with Emiliano

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I moved to Puerto Vallarta around fifteen years ago. The first area I lived in was the five de Diciembre, a day before my birthday; I always joke about that with my clients.

Then I started this romance with Emiliano, but don’t get that excited; it was not the guy next door. My affair with the Emiliano Zapata area.

Recently I moved to this part of town, and I know some people love or hate it for how it has become in the last five years.

My affair started when I found a clothing store over Aguacate street with colorful t-shirts. Red and yellow jeans, nice shoes with all the colors and accessories. This place is close to the iconic Iglesia or Church over Aguacate street. If you walk close by, I am sure you will locate the church and the store, where you will see the mannequins on the big windows.

Want to know more about my affair with Emiliano? Don’t miss this column to learn how to live, work, and play.

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