My Affair with Emiliano. . .Flowers Make a Home

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Lately, Emiliano showed me a place where to buy myself flowers for my home. This place is a traditional and small commercial space over Francisco I. Madero in front of the Avida building, named Orquidea. 

Since I moved to this place in the area for the first time, I’ve been making this place look and feel like a home, and one of the things I decided to make different is to have flowers around my condo. 

So I have them in the kitchen, my dining table, my nightstand, my desk, and at the entrance of my place.

Flowers for me make me feel happier; besides that, I live in a fantastic city and a wonderful neighborhood.

Over Orquidea flower shop, you can find, I would say, almost all types of flowers, my favorites are Lily’s sunflowers, orchids which I think are very elegant and now you know what you can give me as a birthday present ( jokes ) .

Orquidea flower shop opens from 8 AM to 10 PM, prices are very reasonable, and I like helping small businesses. They also have bouquets in case you are in a rush for a date. 

Want to know more about my affair with Emiliano? 

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