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Hurricane Nora, Party Boat Sinking Wrap Up 2021 As Our Biggest Stories

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The biggest story of the year in Puerto Vallarta was no doubt, the serious flooding, damage and deaths that occurred from Hurricane Nora. The city continues to rebuild from that tragedy.

However the biggest story of the past year based on reader interest in our website, was the news of the PV Delice party boat sinking. O&APV broke that news on Dec. 31, when it happened shortly after 5 p.m. that day. By Jan 1, news outlets from all over the world carried the story – made popular in part because of the crowded ship in the midst of the Covid Pandemic. We provided an update on the story on Jan. 1 when a passenger shared photos and video from the event. That update story has been read more than 100,000 times and is one of the most popular stories of the past year.

Stories on Covid with travel tips and updates from PV proved to be the second most read story of the year, as travelers became anxious to escape the the PV paradise. The most read Covid story was the one announcing the US would require testing before entry.

And following up on Covid, the fact that circuit parties were continuing in the PV area despite the lockdowns, became a focal point of the popular Instagram group “Gays Over Covid.

An early November fire at Spartacus Bath House (along with a guide to a visitor’s first time at Spartacus) proved to be a popular story, as did the opening of Hamburger Mary’s.

A Facebook live video of a tour of the new bath house, Papi Chulo, conducted by Louis Whitaker and Lex went viral on Facebook, and generated more than 250,000 views.

A Facebook live video of a stage performance at Act2PV, of the show “It’s Raining Men” generated almost 500,000 views on Facebook. It has been the most popular video shown from our pages.

Another popular story was the response the Puerto Vallarta Police Commissioner gave after multiple people complained about harassment and shakedowns from local police. That story can be read here.

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