PV Continues to Make News With Circuit Party Attendance ‘Outing’

Shultz Brags About Heading to PV Party, Then Says He Didn't Go

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Puerto Vallarta and the party-spread of Covid-19 continues to make the news in the LGBTQ community, this time involving a 41-year-old nurse from California, who was hospitalized for a month and a half with Covid-19 after attending a circuit party in Miami.

Mike Schultz asked for donations on GoFundMe, raising more than $20,000 to offset his medical and living expenses while recovering from Covid.

And then…..despite how ravaged his body was from Covid, and instead of setting an example of not attending large scale events, he apparently bragged online about his intention to attend a recent NYE party that was originally slated to be held in Puerto Vallarta but was moved to the neighboring state due to the Jalisco restrictions. He later posted that he didn’t attend…but the mere fact that he was even considering it has sparked outrage (this same party has created fury in the LGBTQ community and a backlase torwards those attending).

LGBTQ Nation reports that a group of circuit queens who attended a banned dance party in Mexico are buzzing with anger after being “outed” on social media as dangerously selfish covidiots by the Instagram account @GaysOverCOVID.

One of the angry party boys is Shultz. Organizing under the hashtag #GaysOverKarens, the men offered a $500 “incentive” to expose the account’s owner with the ominous warning, “Let it be known we are coming for them.”

BuzzFeed reported on Schultz when he first got out of the hospital, showing before and after photos and the toll Covid took on his body. He was hospitalized on March 16, 2020 and was in the hospital for six weeks. The week before, he and his boyfriend had gone to Miami Beach for Winter Party Festival, a circuit party.

The BuzzFeed article said Schultz said that the people in attendance were unaware that the coronavirus was also present in the March 2020 party.

“We knew it was out there,” said Schultz told BuzzFeed. “There were no real restrictions in place, though. No lockdowns. We just thought, Well, we gotta wash our hands more and be wary of touching our face.”

At least 38 people who attended Winter Party subsequently became sick. Three men died.

The BuzzFeed article goes on to point out that after that initial party, Schultz said he received some backlash online for their attendance at the Winter Party.

But….that backlash didn’t stop him from endorsing and attending a known super spreader event, with him posting on social media about looking forward to attending the NYE in Mexico, and then started attacking social media accounts for calling out gays attending these super spreader events.

But some social media accounts are also reporting that despite him bragging that he was looking forward to Puerto Vallarta, he didn’t go.

On Twitter, several users do not stop recriminating him that he committed an act of irresponsibility.

Schultz received so many complaints that he was forced to shut down his social media.


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