Entertainer Tonny Kenneth Presents An Intimate & Spicy Online Show

Entertainer Tonny Kenneth presents an intimate show on April 2 through a digital platform with a payment option.

intimate show

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Faced with the quarantines that are occurring not only in Puerto Vallarta but in cities around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, digital tools have become vital for artists to maintain contact with their followers. Such is the case of Tonny Kenneth, the Panamanian singer who used to present his solo show on Thursday nights at the Incanto theater and who will now present a more intimate version on April 2 through a digital platform with a payment option.

Tonny talked to O&APV about the details of this intimate show. “The StageIt.com platform only allows 30 minutes of streaming, therefore, it will be a 30 minute summary of my Sugar & Spice show, which unfortunately was canceled due to the COVID-19, it will be an unplugged event, with Fernando Uribe on piano, Sebastian Coronel as producer and Paco Ojeda will be in charge of the camera.” He said.

Kenneth, mentioned that the broadcast will be completely live. “Live streaming will increase the possibilities of interaction and give a feeling that this show is as if we were face to face.” He added.

Tonny confessed that he remains very proactive and keeping focus in this new show that is prepared for all his followers with the aim of raising funds for two iconic LGBT+ businesses in Puerto Vallarta.

“People who want to access the show can give a voluntary contribution that will be destined almost entirely for the employees of Mercurio Hotel and Chachalacabar, I know that we are in a time of crisis but if it is a possibility for viewers to support, it would be fantastic.” He said.

To finish, he wanted to leave a special message of hope to the readers:

“This global phenomenon is uniting us more as a society, I can really see it in social networks, and I believe that mutual support is the basis of all growth.” He said. “In addition to supporting a good cause, you will enjoy a good show, with a good set list and excellent visual quality, we are experiencing an unexpected tragedy, not at all funny or sweet and that’s why I decided to remove the word “Sugar” and leave the “Spicy” on it because although the show will transmit good feelings; we know the reality is that we are in bitter and painful moments.”

Enter next April 2, 2020 at the following download link to access Tonny Kenneth The Intimate Spicy Online Show: