Incanto Vallarta: Tracy Parks

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After five years managing The Palm, Tracy Parks opened his own venue, Incanto Vallarta, in 2016.

I was working with my family in an oil field service business. Prior to that I was with Lyric Opera and I learned arts management but to make money I went back to work with my family. We’d come here for a month at a time and then go back home and work. I started coming here in 2001, about the time The Palm opened.

Now the accounting system we have to keep everything so perfect is just crazy but compare it to the old system, where we had two pockets and fifty pesos for the show went here and personal money went there and you figured it out at the end of the night. “Oh, it looks like I have twenty fifty-peso bills. That’s how  much we made!”

There’ve been struggles but now that we’ve all sort of grown up, and found our groove, it is really nice to come together, to reflect, it feels nice to be able to do this. And the fact that we are all still here, it’s wonderful.

I miss the Palm. I’m glad I have my own venue, but I’m also glad that The Palm owners called me a few months ago and they were like “Hey, whatever happened, happened and we’re all supporting each other and lets just all do well.” And that’s all I want, you know.

Because we’ve been open all summer, our season kind of never stopped. The continuity is what I’m excited about now. The Red Suitcases, Dennis Crow, Well Strung. They sell out every show for a whole month. Naked Boys Singing is going to be the anchor to the beginning of our season. I’ve been in rehearsals and I’m very excited about the music especially.


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