Duo Dorado: Amy Armstrong and Fernando González at Nacho Daddy

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Many musical lovers are unaware that a large number of American songs have been translated for decades into Spanish and released in Latin America. Many of them became huge hits. Amy and Fernando thought it would be fun to hear these songs in both Spanish and English, so this show is a mix of the two languages.
Duo Dorado [The Golden Duo] started the evening with “Shape of My Heart”. Amy is very entertaining in person as her comic remarks create chuckles in the room. Her doctor told her that she could have one glass of wine a day. How big is the glass? She solved that dilemma by using the largest coffee cup at Starbucks, fitting an entire bottle in it, so she was obeying her directions. Violà!
One Latin singer who created popular tunes with English-language compositions is Marc Anthony. “I Need to Know” was a smash hit in 1999. Ed Sheeran recorded “Perfect” [“You Look Perfect Tonight”] and Latin singers introduced it into their song list.
Luis Miguel scored success with American English songs as The Jacksons’ “Blame It on the Boogie”: Don’t blame it on the sunshine. Don’t blame it on the moonlight. Don’t blame it on good times, Blame it on the boogie.” The two traversed the musical field in Spanish and English in a manner most pleasing, taking turns and then in duet in either language with some rifts from Fernando’s guitar. Also, Luis covered the 1959 oldie by Dinah Washington “What a Difference a Day Makes” [“Cuando Vuelva a Tu Lado”] expanding its popularity in 1991.
Amy described their other show highlighting some of the myriad of hits by Stevie Wonder. Duo Dorado presents fantastic memorable melodies, lyrics and sounds from all those decades. Fernando’s guitar led the way to “Another Star”. “Thank you for sharing your love”, Amy thanked the crowd, in person and on her live stream with tonight’s show marking her 52nd since March. She expressed her pleasure with real people in her presence, laughing at her jokes and appreciating her vocals.
“Let’s hear a little Frankie Valli” and what better song to feature than “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. She started “You’re just too good to be true” singing in English, then Fernando performed loops using his guitar and loop pedal tuner and flowed into Spanish lyrics. Both were joined first in Spanish then switching to English.
The Gipsy Kings have been known for their recordings of popular English songs into Spanish for their multitude of followers. Paul Anka wrote lyrics for “My Way” based upon a French melody and Frank Sinatra made it his signature song. The Kings loved it and succeeded in Spanish. Also, “Hotel California” was a solo for Fernando, then Amy joined in, then both sang in Spanish and then in English. This show’s production design was stunningly entertaining. They widened our knowledge of some of the songs popular in both languages.
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