Casa Cupula Installs Crosswalk on Busy Highway 200

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Casa Cupula, which sits at Callejon de la Igualdad #129, Amapas, has a driveway/walkway entrance to its busy hotel and pool club on Highway 200. The area sits on a blind curb and it can be quite dangerous for visitors to cross.

Which is why Owner Don Pickens has been seeking help from the local government to get some safety features installed.

“To be charitable, the current government of Puerto Vallarta might best be described as a case study in the effects of benign neglect,” Pickens wrote in his most recent blog update. “Especially in the area of traffic control:  traffic lights, paint on the roads, road conditions, etc . Getting anything done is like pulling teeth.  For that reason, our friends at the Amapas Neighborhood Association got nowhere trying to promote a crosswalk at our Callejon, which is a dangerous area to cross the highway with two blind curves on either side.”

And so, Pickens said that his team figured out how to buy the reflectors, paint and crosswalk signs and lobbied the police to let us install it. 

“After a long few hours of work by our fabulous maintenance crew at 5 a.m. on a holiday, we now have a much safer, more visible and more professional crosswalk installed,” he wrote. “Always check traffic carefully when crossing as pedestrian safety is not prioritized as in the US or Canada.  Not a peso of public or neighborhood association money was spent to install this, it is our gift to the neighborhood.”


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