Vallarta Pride Releases Schedule for 2023 Pride Festival

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Vallarta Pride has released its 2023 Pride Schedule, set for May 19 to May 28, 2023.

The schedule was first released and announced in GayPV.

The pride festival includes several new events including:

Miss Vallarta Pride
5 K Race
Queer Ball
Mexico de Colores

and some favorite events including the Block Party, Pride Parade and the Drag Derby.

The schedule (subject to change) is:

Saturday, May 20: Benito Santos & Mosma Moda Fashion Show

Sunday, May 21: Miss Vallarta Pride

Monday, May 22: 5 K Race

Monday, May 22: Movie Night

Tuesday, May 23: Queer Ball Night at Industry

Wednesday, May 24: Mexican Queer Night (Cuale River)

Thursday, May 25: Pride Parade

Thursday, May 25: Pride Block Party

Friday, May 26: Mexico de Colores

2023 Puerto Vallarta pride schedule.
2023 Puerto Vallarta pride schedule.

Vallarta Pride has also released a series of videos with the theme “be proud of your nature” that includes local LGBTQQ+ individuals.

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