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Puerto Vallarta Citizens and Foreigners Fight to Save Vallarta’s Río Los Horcones

Dozens of Puerto Vallarta residents took the streets to show their discomfort on the construction of a hydroelectric dam on Los Horcones river; it...

Brazilian agents see great potential in Puerto Vallarta for sports tourism

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust (Fidetur) received a group of travel agents from Manaus, Brazil in PV in order to strengthen the promotion of...

Asminda and her secret ingredients to stay always happy.

At the "Music Fight" event organized by All-Access Sports Bar there were cool drinks, live music and a hardworking woman behind the bar: Asminda...

Angie Star: shadows of the past and her transition towards a promising future

Born and raised by his proud and loving grandmother in Puerto Vallarta, Jose Angel Morales Martínez quit his management career to work and help with...

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