Puerto Vallarta Citizens and Foreigners Fight to Save Vallarta’s Río Los Horcones

The protestants ask the authorities to declare the river as a protected natural area


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Dozens of Puerto Vallarta residents took the streets to show their discomfort on the construction of a hydroelectric dam on Los Horcones river; it was shortly after 11:00 this morning when dozens of older adults, children, youth and foreigners, demonstrated their discomfort against this construction.

Photo: O&APV
Photo: O&APV

Through a statement sent by the Hydroelectric Company of the West after the controversy around the project Los Horcones River where citizens denounced imminent environmental damage; The company announced that the project is sustainable and has all the permissions.

Photo: O&APV

Los Defensores del Río Los Horcones de Boca de Tomatlan (the defenders of the Horcones River) invite everyone concerned about our environment and the conservation of Puerto Vallarta’s natural resources to sign the petition on change.org so Horcones River can be declared as a protected natural area.

Photo: O&APV

If you want to sign the petition go to https://bit.ly/2U1oWsH


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