SIR and SON Lifestyle Store Opens in Puerto Vallarta

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An awesome lifestyle store has just opened at the corner of Constitucion and Basillio Badillo, and you are going to fall in lust with it.

SIR & SON, originally located in the Hillcrest section of San Diego, California has swept into town with leisure wear uniquely tailored for the Puerto Vallarta scene.

Speaking with SIR Richard Romano owner/ designer of SIR & SON on a sweltering afternoon in early September, I learned of his vision, and of the incredibly diverse selections that are available at this destination space.

“I’m originally from New York,” Richard said to me with a smile,” expanding, he continued, “I was an Interior Designer with projects all over the world, then I decided the next exciting chapter of my life would be fashion, since life begins with great fashion and everything else falls into place.”


Like most of us, Richard vacationed in Puerto Vallarta for many years, always dreaming of moving here. Recently, he concluded “let’s just do it now, we’re not getting any younger.”

We shared a laugh, recalling this was the same sentiment I had nearly three years ago.

The name of his beloved establishment is a play on fashion, at its very core. The SIR line is much more masculine, more fetish, more subs in men’s clothing. The SON line is a more playful twist of bright, gay colors from Amsterdam, London, Spain, and New York. The utter genius of this eclectic space is the melding of polar opposite genres under one great roof.

“We have everything here to dress a man from top to bottom,” Richard said proudly.

This includes an encompassing selection of SIR & SON’s own private label of; clothing, grooming products, home accents, artwork, and much more. Code 22, a fashion powerhouse based in Spain, will provide international options to choose from.


LOCKER GEAR, also a Spanish brand, will provide jockstraps and cutting edge fetish wear.

These brands are currently the only two outside designers, but Richard will be branching out, and partnering with more as the much anticipated high season arrives.

Reflecting for a moment, emotion in his voice, Richard shared, “I’m really grateful for all the wonderful support that we have received from Studs.” Continuing, he stated, “Some of SIR & SON’s more fetishy wear will still be available at Studs, making it easy to shop SIR & SON in the day, and to shop Studs at night.”

The great aspect, that I immediately noticed, is the many options available here that are becoming to any man, regardless of what stage of life he is in.

Concluding, Richard shared a final appreciation for the city that he now calls home, “We are so excited to be among the many great options guys have to choose from for their clothing needs in Puerto Vallarta, we feel humbled to be a valued part of such a vibrant community.”

Come visit soon, to enjoy a unique, and completely curated shopping experience. 

Information to Know:
SIR and SON on Facebook. Click Here
Constitucion 347, Zona Romantinca , Puerto Vallarta 48380

Photos of SIR and SON. Photos by Oscar Almeida.


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