QBO Bearwear Celebrates Ten Years with ‘This is the BEARevolution’

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QBO Bearwear, a clothing brand specializing in clothes for the gay bear community has just turned ten years old. To celebrate the team have launched a special campaign called “This is the BEARevolution.”

Enrique Hernandez Montes (Mr. Qu), is the owner of QBO Bearwear, along with his boyfriend Jaime. Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mr. Qu is a graphic designer and illustrator who specializes in posters. He started the brand because he saw an opportunity to create exclusive, original and fun designs for the gay bear community.

“What was being done in design back then was very square and old-fashioned, it didn’t capture the essence of our community,” he explained. “I’ve always liked to be very transparent and at the same time fun, so I decided to bring those ideas in my designs to clothing and people liked it a lot, they felt identified.”

QBO Bearwear is a 100 percent Mexican brand that has captured the essence of the gay bear community. BEARevolution, which has already started in Mexico City, raises the visibility of the bear community, with a series of raising the Bear flag at the Mexican Monument Angel de la Independence and taking different emblematic photographs for the campaign.

BEARevolution Campaign

Now they plan to do the same in Vallarta at the end of July. The photos will start at the Malecón, passing through the Pier and ending at Playa de los Muertos. And there they will carry give away some products from this new collection.

The BEARevolution campaign was launched last month during Pride since the company has always been a brand that stands out for its design, originality, creativity, art and fashion.

For the past ten years, BEARevolution by QBO Bearwear has produced three commemorative shirts; the classic with the BEAR logo only in graffiti; the iconic ‘Kiss Me Macho’ shirt (now in Spanish ‘Bésame Macho’); and the more fitted Bear Pride special edition. They also have an underwear design with a screaming bear print that was inspired by the Robbie Williams brief featured in the Rock DJ video, and two new cap designs, one in red and the other in the colors of the flag. You can find everything on the brand’s website.

Bésame Macho T-shirt
BEARevolution T-shirt Black and Angry Bear Underwear Black
Bear Pride QBO T-shirt Black

One of the characteristics that distinguishes QBO is its posters, since they have always had an artistic, irreverent and fun touch that has distinguished them from their competition.

Mr. Qu tells us that they have created codes with the brand and its public.

“It happened to us with the caps, many who use them began to realize that the boys turned to look at them and smiled at them, it is because the designs are very identifiable and people already relate to QBO as a brand of the gay scene,” he said.

New BEARevolution Cap Designs

Mr. Qu’s next plans are to inaugurate his new showroom in Zona Romantica, which he hopes to open at the beginning of August. It will be very close to the Muelle de los Muertos and he wants to resume the parties that were previously held as the QBO 90’s Party.

This was conceived by different entrepreneurs from the gay scene of Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City and will take the project to the next level to be a recognized Gay brand in Mexico.


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