Papi Chulo Men’s Sauna Closes

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For a short time, Puerto Vallarta was home to two men’s bathhouses. But now, Papi Chulo, the smaller men’s sauna that was referred to as “the little brother of Club Spartacus,” has closed.

The bathhouse opened in December 2021, while Club Spartacus was closed from a fire. It was just a few blocks from the beach, and featured a steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, private cabanas, an indoor bar, a dark room area, and more. Club Spartacus reopened in early April, 2022.

The club announced its closing on May 30, 2022 via its social media networks. Plans for the current space remain unknown.

“After a closer review of the current financial climate in Puerto Vallarta, and a less than pleasant welcome from a few unhappy neighbors , we have made the difficult decision to close Sauna Papi Chulo. Thank you to all our patrons who supported Papi Chulo.

We will continue to focus all our energy and resources on our main venue
– Sauna Spartacus.

Stay posted for the transformation of the Papi Chulo venue.”

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