OnlyFans Content Creator Benji Vega Breaks Taboo of Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment has become taboo, and there is more than one who would love to do it and earn money,

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Boredom during the pandemic and a loss of jobs has grown the platform “” with both new subscribers and new content proivders. Some of those content providers live in Puerto Vallarta.

The OnlyFans Twitter account is up 84% from just five months ago. The platform began in 2016 as a platform for celebrities, and is used by fitness trainers, writers, artists, chefs and of course, the name has now become synonymous with sex work and nudity.

Users subscribe to creators for a fee they pay each month that gets them access to photos, videos, and live-streams from the creator. In addition, creators can sell “exclusive” content to subscribers for an additional fee, called pay per view (PPV). OnlyFans takes 20% of what the creator brings in.

And while the monthly subscriptions drive some money, most creators make more off special requests sent to them by direct messaging on the platform.

Benji Vega, aka Kenji Gi on OnlyFans, is one of the more popular creators that lives in Puerto Vallarta and shared with O&APV a few insights into the platform.

After two years of living in Puerto Vallarta, he has decided that adult entertainment was his vocation – he wanted to break some of the taboos of society about this business and reveal some details of what it is like to create content for different platforms.

“Onlyfans is one of the main platforms and of course there are many more; Personally, I use it to generate income and more subscribers to have access to all the photos and videos that I share there,” he explained.

“Adult entertainment has become taboo, and there is more than one who would love to do it and earn money,” Vega told O&APV. “I am hypersexual, I realized that I was passionate about sex since I was a very young man and I always like to be exploring my sexuality, That’s how I discovered the excitement of recording myself and making adult videos.”.

There are many obstacles when people start to do content for adults, with family, friends and society in general.

“Facing the things the people will say. Always what affects the most is the opinion of your family and friends, but also people you don’t know begin to judge you. Talking about it with the people you care about and ignoring negative reviews is good advice,” he said.

Vega said social media platforms can also bring stardium – locally and internationally, and he is now use to being recognized while out in public.

“Thanks to social media, I have been able to create many alliances with other content creators, and this helps my content have a greater diffusion, ” he explained, “I like to be able to fulfill my fantasies, record in different locations, explore new fetishes, take the requests of my subscribers and fulfill them.”

The most frequent questions for the audience are always, how successful is this business? What do they look for in a guy to collaborate?

“Time, money and effort are invested. It is not just recording, there is an important production, direction, editing and promotion work that must be done to generate income. Besides being creative and uninhibited, you need a good resolution camera, it can be your cell phone, a good internet connection, an app to edit your videos, and a growing base of followers on social media.”

He went on to explain that “good looks and at traction is important, and with good chemistry you are much more likely to produce a great video. I also look at the number of followers, the more they have, the more users will be interested in watching our videos and therefore a greater number of potential subscribers. ”

Of course the pandemic has affected us all in one way or another, he told us “It has limited me in the number of collaborations with other models that I have been able to carry out, but my income has been positively affected, more people in their houses, means more people watching and consuming adult entertainment ”

Always following the protocols and looking for health first, now more than before, content continues to be created, especially in Puerto Vallarta; ” I would like to help to break the stigma that there is about this activity and help other people to learn more about the work that involves. ” he added . Also you can find him on twitter as @KenjiGi and also