LGBTQ Soccer League ‘Jugando por Nuestros Derechos’ forms in Puerto Vallarta

"Somos Rebeldes lgbth vta." said iIt is the only team in the soccer tournament with members of the LGBTQ community."

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Vallarta S-O-C-C-E-R “Jugando por Nuestros Dereechos” , a new LGBTQ sports project in Puerto Vallarta, has been years in the making, and is the dream of Armando del Toro finally coming true.

Teams named “La Puntis” and “Unicornios F.C.” have been LGBTQ soccer teams for the last few years, but things changed this past year with the formation of new teams.

This past year a new team was created called “Somos Rebeldes LGBTH vta.”.  Enrique Pérez, Cristo Gómez and Armando del Toro (Captain and team leader) are part of the team, which is made up of 20 players, gay, bisexual, transsexual and straight.

The soccer games are played every Sunday at Penalty Vallarta Sports Club, located at Av. México 339, Aramara Puerto Vallarta. Games are played as a freestyle category Sunday tournament.

Armando del Toro, captain and team leader “Somos Rebeldes lgbth vta.” said iIt is the only team in the soccer tournament with members of the LGBTQ community.”

This Sunday, November 15, at “Canchas Alfredo’s Las Juntas”, “Monarcas” faces another LGBT team vs “Somos Rebeldes LGBTH vta.” making the official presentation of this new team.

“We are very happy to share this football game with everyone, and finally make the public presentation of this new team,” Armando del Toro said.

As we know, it is not very mentioned that people from the LGBTQ community practice this sport, Armando explained.

“We intend to take this team not only to be recognized locally here in Puerto Vallarta, also be the best team to represent Vallarta in the nationals games, and to be recognized at the national level. ”

As a reality, there are very few gay players in Puerto Vallarta, which means, there is no league especially for the LGBTQ community, he said.

“We always play in straight soccer leagues, but fortunately we are recognized more and more every day, and they open spaces for us in other sports clubs ”

As part of the “culture” in Mexico in soccer, there are many insults that have been penalized by FIFA in past World Cups, which refer to someone’s sexual orientation; on this occasion, being an LGBTH team, there is still discrimination, “ Every time it is less than before, but it continues to exist, sometimes the insults are from the fans of the opposing team “said ,” What is very bad, is that sometimes the same lgbt community is the one that discriminates, “he added.

Anyone from the LGBTQ community is welcome to join the team, you only need skills, a lot of commitment and passion for the sport, you can contact Armando del Toro Contreras on his Facebook account. This can be the opportunity to make sport part of your daily routine, and a good way to meet new people.

“Seeing ourselves as champions in the local leagues of Puerto Vallarta, and champions in the National Olympics and, why not, also attending the Olympics Gays Games.” Armando adds when talking about his expectations in the future for this new team.