Restricted Access To Beaches As A New Measure To Prevent The Spread Of Coronavirus in PV

For this reason, this beach destination will not be able to receive tourists traveling for pleasure or leisure.

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Puerto Vallarta is known for being one of the friendliest cities in Mexico, welcoming millions of visitors year after year with open arms. However, for the efforts of Mexicans to deal with the coronavirus, yesterday it was announced that in the holiday period of Easter, Puerto Vallarta will not be able to receive tourists traveling to this beach destination for vacation.

The Municipal President Arturo Dávalos determined that these are very difficult but responsible measures that will be taken. “We want our families to be well, it is time to take care of each other, holidays can wait, we should not put our friends and family at risk, what we do today will affect the communities and our loved ones.” said.

Dávalos indicated that by instruction of the federal government all activities in the city will be suspended. “Bars, nightclubs, beaches, rivers, the malecon, public squares and sports units will be closed, the people of Vallarta will remain at home taking care of themselves and caring for others.” He mentioned

Mayor Dávalos expressed that his main concerns revolve around a hospital crisis. “We depend on tourism but I am more concerned with preventing Puerto Vallarta from becoming a focus of infection of the coronavirus, a possible health and hospital crisis, as well as the life of the people of Vallarta.” mentioned.

Through an official statement, the Vallarta government asked visitors not to cancel the trip they programmed, but to modify the date. “All tourists to not cancel the trip they had planned and schedule a new date so they can come come to visit us later and have an incredible vacation, we will miss them but we want to meet again with no members of their family missing, we prefer to miss our visitors for a few days than missing them for life.” they expressed.

By last, all Vallarta residents are required to stay at home and take the corresponding measures to avoid possible contact. “Stay home because when the contingency passes Puerto Vallarta will be waiting for you all with open arms, a smile on your face and a hand in our hearts.” Said Davalos.

Today the head of the municipal government shared the emotional containment numbers in case of crisis during this quarantine: 3316915481.