Vallarta Could Shelter 4 More Cruises

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Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.- After the uncertainty that was caused because of the presence in Puerto Vallarta of the cruise ship Rotterdam, which sailed on March 11 from the port of San Diego, California, faced with the new condition imposed by the U.S. to end its route early and begin the process of repatriating its passengers from this destination by plane, it could be up to 4 ships that will anchor in the bay, and another two or three in position.

In the next few days, more boats could arrive as they are at sea without a destination and will seek shelter in Puerto Vallarta, with the condition that their crew do not get off, while authorizing them to arrive in their country.

In relation to Rotterdam, consulted sources pointed out that the presence of the ship should not concern the population as it does not represent any risk.

They informed by a press release that there are little more than 500 people who make up their crew and the boat have nowhere to go, and they hope to cover the quarantine in PV, but they denied the rumor that people on board are infected with COVID-19.

It was even anticipated that this cruise will leave one day to maneuver but will return. The Rotterdam no longer have a yellow flag, the authorities granted them a “free talk”, as only two workers suffered from common influenza, and another one suffered from appendicitis and had to undergo surgery.

All three have already recovered, so their stay does not represent a risk.


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