Miss Conception: female delusionist “extra-ordinaire” INTERVIEW

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Miss Conception is in Puerto Vallarta for her eighth season and this time she starts the year with her new show TV LAND!

She first came to Vallarta nine years ago thanks to the popular bear week event BeefDip. While her time here, she went to see a show at the Palm Cabaret and she wondered:

Miss C: How do I get a job here?

Mark Rome: What do you do?

Miss C: Well I’m a female delusionist and I sing live

Mark Rome: Do you have an hour and a half show?

Miss C: Yes

“I didn’t, but I knew I could. So he gave me the job and I wrote my first show and I came down here and eight years later here we are” Miss Conception says.

She has been performing for 19 years and she has become an international star. She performs around the world on cruise ships to Spain, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Prague, Italy, and France with Brand G Vacations, Concierge Travel, and others.

Miss C is a costume changer, so she changes on stage before the audience’s eyes. Not only that, she does live singing on her shows!

Her current show TV LAND was born from her love of the cartoons she grew up with like The Flintstones, The Simpsons, and also sitcoms such as I Dream of Jeannie. “I put together this show in hopes that it would be fun and fabolous and so far it’s good” Miss Conception says.

Check out her Puerto Vallarta shows at the Palm Cabaret.

After Puerto Vallarta, Miss C heads out to Canada and then Provincetown where she will perform for the whole summer.