Las Terrazas: Where Community, Innovation, and Philanthropy Meet

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Nestled in the heart of Zona Romantica, Las Terrazas stands as a beacon of innovation, community spirit, and philanthropy. Led by visionary entrepreneur Al Carswell, Las Terrazas is not just a collection of businesses; it’s soon to be a hub where locals and visitors alike come together to savor culinary delights, indulge in creative cocktails, and support a cause close to their hearts.

Established in 2023, Las Terrazas has quickly become a cornerstone of the neighborhood, with Tunnel Bar being the first to open its doors within its charming confines. There will be other ventures opening in 2024. 

From the outset, owner Al Carswell envisioned Las Terrazas as more than just a business venture; it was an opportunity to create innovative spaces while preserving and showcasing the rich architectural heritage of the community.

Las Terrazas

Embracing Community: Las Terrazas’ Commitment to Puerto Vallarta

At the core of Las Terrazas’ ethos lies a deep-rooted commitment to the community it serves. For Al Carswell, being involved with RISE – a local charity providing a home for children from difficult backgrounds – was not just a choice but a calling. With a passion for improving the lives of the most vulnerable, Al has been actively supporting RISE for three years, recognizing the invaluable work they do in providing a nurturing environment for children in need.

“RISE is an amazing charity,” says Al Carswell. “It provides a home for children who have come from difficult backgrounds. For many of these kids, it’s the one true home they have had.”

They are the first place prize sponsors for the talent show, So You Think You Can Rise (SYTYCR).

A Culinary Haven: Las Terrazas’ Unique Offering

Beyond its philanthropic endeavors, Las Terrazas hopes to delight patrons with its diverse culinary offerings and innovative drink selections. From the craft drink creations at Tunnel Bar to the mouthwatering dishes that will soon be served at other establishments within its premises, Las Terrazas owner says it hopes to provide a culinary journey like no other, all under one roof. 

“We are focused on creating innovative spaces primarily focused on food and drinks,” explains Al Carswell. “Our goal is to be part of the fabric of the neighborhood while preserving and showcasing some of the older architecture and character of the community.”

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