Transforming Lives: Century 21 Riviera Realty’s 5-Year Journey of Real Estate Excellence and Social Impact

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In the vibrant heart of Puerto Vallarta, where the azure waters meet the golden sands, a real estate agency is not just reshaping property landscapes but also making a profound impact on the lives of the city’s most vulnerable – its children. Meet Century 21 Riviera Realty Sucursal Plaza Caracol, a real estate agency with a mission that goes beyond property transactions.

Established five years ago by visionaries Barry Ewert, Tristan Ewert, and Karine Labrecque, Century 21 Riviera Realty has become a trusted partner for those looking to buy, sell, or invest in Puerto Vallarta. Specializing in assisting foreigners in navigating the complexities of the Mexican real estate market, the team at Century 21 Riviera Realty ensures a seamless process from property search to notary, all delivered with unwavering integrity and professionalism.

However, what truly sets Century 21 Riviera Realty apart is its commitment to social responsibility, exemplified through its three-year partnership with RISE – a local organization dedicated to supporting children from challenging backgrounds. In an exclusive interview, the business owners shared their motivations and the impact they aim to create.

Investing in a Brighter Future: RISE and Century 21 Riviera Realty’s Collaboration

Motivated by a deep desire to give back to the community, the founders of Century 21 Riviera Realty decided to focus their philanthropic efforts on the most vulnerable members: the children. Barry Ewert, Tristan Ewert, and Karine Labrecque joined forces with RISE, a nonprofit organization operating without government aid, relying on community support.

RISE, Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (children’s shelter of hope), boasts an incredible team of volunteers dedicating their time to provide education, food, clothes, and values for a brighter future to children facing adversity. The organization, founded in 2001, has become a beacon of hope for the community.

Barry Ewert, co-owner of Century 21 Riviera Realty, expressed the motivation behind their involvement with RISE: “We believe that by investing in the younger generation, we are sowing the seeds for a better, more compassionate society. We are on a mission to help transform the lives of children facing adversity.”

A Call to Action: Urgent Need for Support

RISE operates solely on community support, and there is an urgent need for assistance. Century 21 Riviera Realty, alongside RISE, is calling on companies and individuals to join them in making a difference. Support can come in various forms – donations, volunteering, or other contributions. In a world where government help is lacking, they believe it’s the community’s responsibility to step up and be part of the change these children need.

Karine Labrecque, co-owner of Century 21 Riviera Realty, emphasized, “Your support can shape a better future for them. Will you be part of the change these children need?”

Karine is on the board of directors for RISE, and she and her daughter have been volunteering weekly to help with various projects. She and her husband also have rescued RISE from plumbing issues.  

Beyond Real Estate: Century 21 Riviera Realty’s Commitment to Excellence and Community

Century 21 Riviera Realty, beyond being a real estate agency, sees itself as a force for good in the community. The agency challenges mediocrity and delivers extraordinary experiences, not only in the realm of real estate but also through their social impact initiatives.

As the agency continues its journey of excellence and social responsibility, the founders hope to inspire other businesses to follow suit. Barry Ewert, Tristan Ewert, and Karine Labrecque are leading by example, showing that businesses can be forces for good, creating positive impacts on both their clients and the community they serve.

For those looking to connect with Century 21 Riviera Realty or support RISE, visit their social media pages:

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sytycrpv/ and https://www.instagram.com/soyouthinkyoucanrise

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